Aflatoxin Test Results

All 11 of us have now tested positive for aflatoxins. When you understand the nature of these mycotoxins and their capacity to do harm this could be alarming news. But, as one who has searched for answers for months on end, this news comes as a relief.
No more wondering which child to treat. No more wondering about Chris or myself. I recommend this test (which is a urine test) wholeheartedly to someone concerned about mold exposure and their family. Aflatoxin is the mycotoxin that comes from aspergillus. Ochratoxin comes from penicillium and tricothecene comes from stachybotrys. It's best to run the complete mycotoxin panel. The tests are available through Real Time Labs and require a doctor's order. They are costly but often reimbursed by insurance.
A couple of other notes about aflatoxins.The World Health Organization acknowledges these toxins to be carcinogenic. Aflatoxins can be found in peanuts and grains. To some degree we are all exposed on a daily basis. Our bodies generally will handle trace amounts. It's the high levels that occur in a water-damaged indoor environment and/or in foods that must be addressed.

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