A Single Mother's Plight

I have one last story to share before Christmas that will tug at your heart. This is a single mother with two children living in public housing. Her story illustrates the need for political awareness in the area of toxic mold. She saw our story on CBN.

"It was like someone was telling my story. I almost dropped to the floor. I thought only I am going through this and it must be in my head.

I've been noticing things that have been happening to my children and I for many years. First it was the coughing, lack of balance, and shortness of breath. Then it was headaches, lightheadedness, achy limbs, sensitivity to salt, and sugar, severe stomach aches. Then, my kids kept getting infections, flu like symptoms, and gastral problems. My kids and I have taken pain relievers for the headaches, antacid for the stomachs, and a change in our diet to what we can tolerate.

My kids complain about different symptoms on a daily basis. We have been to every doctor you can think of for each symptom with no help. I knew something in this house was what was making us sick. People thought I was crazy and stressed out. I have complained to the landlord numerous times with really no success. I am a single mom and I want the best for my kids. They go to a great school and live in a great neighborhood. I live in public housing and I fought to be placed in a decent neighborhood with high standard schools.

I have been going through illness after illness for many years. Then the bomb dropped. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma stage three. During that time I was severely ill. I could barely breathe, I ached, and had other symptoms. My tumors were in every area that I complained about for many years. The burning throat and chest discomfort and the gastral problems.

I know whatever is in this house played a part in this but I just can not prove it.

My kids' health has gone downhill. My oldest daughter was very healthy when we moved into this house eight years ago. She has had numerous symptoms but the most severe have been bad headaches, dizziness, severe fatigue, sensitivity to salt, heat especially if it is humid, and fainting. She has been diagnosed with asthma especially when she is active.

My younger daughter always complains about her stomach. I see signs of depression, lack of energy. We all are very very tired. Sometimes we wake up tired, like we never went to sleep. Sometimes it is hard for my kids to go to sleep because we ache so bad. Two days ago we all went to the store to shop. I had intentions of going to several stores. I ignored my daughter when she said she did not want to go because she was too tired. I ignored her because I thought it was teenage laziness.

My kids still go to school but they struggle with learning because of their unexplained symptoms. Sometimes I feel like a bad mother because I do not know how to fix it. Sometimes we cry together because we all feel so hopeless. I can not wait until the day I see my eight year old and my twelve year old back to their old selves again.

I know there is mold in this house and I really do not have the finances to do anything about it. I finally convinced the health department to come out to see. I do not know what good that is going to do. I just want you to know I appreciate you speaking out because now I do not feel so alone. When I do find out what it is, and if it is mold, I want to do something about this to make sure no other family goes through this."

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