Did Toxic Mold Kill Brittany Murphy and Her Husband?

We were saddened by the news of the death of Brittany Murphy in December of 2009.  She was so young and had her whole life ahead of her.  Then when her husband died in the same house in May of 2010, my husband and I looked at each other and said simultaneously "Toxic Mold".  We forgot about it, until one night, my husband asked "Did they ever find out what killed Brittany Murphy's husband?"  I looked it up and it had just been reported that he died of exactly the same thing that Brittany died from.  Our suspicion of toxic mold became more solidified in our minds, having gone through the nightmare of having toxic mold in our home and the near death of our youngest child (read our story).  [Please note that we are not toxic mold experts.  We are simply a family that has opinions about toxic mold based upon our experiences with toxic mold and hours upon hours of research conducted in an effort to make our environment safe for our family.]

It seems as though we are not the only ones who suspect toxic mold as the possible true cause of death of Brittany and her husband.  TMZ has reported that the home is being investigated for mold issues and People magazine reports that the family spokesman, Roger Neal, released a statement concerning possible mold issues as such:  

"Due to the inferior products used by the builder and sub contractors, the Murphy home had a persistent leak problem," Neal says. "Simon Monjack [hired] an attorney and filed a lawsuit against [them]. In October 2009, to insure the home was safe to occupy, the attorney hired a well-respected company to conduct a full inspection of the home which would include … checking for any possible mold."

Brittany Murphy's mother states that the home is not being investigated for toxic mold and calls these rumors "absurd".  Our opinion is that it isn't absurd to suspect toxic mold for the deaths of two young and otherwise healthy adults and that the leaks within this home should be thoroughly investigated for toxic mold...again. 

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