Introducing momsAWARE

I spoke with a mom last week who called from a hotel, one day after her family had vacated their toxic home. Since moving into the home in 2005, her health has declined. In her words: “I made a steady slide into poor health, including interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, tremors, metallic taste, electronic shock pain in body, swollen joints, tingling in scalp, severe and chronic costochondritis, autoimmune problems, thyroid problems.” She tried everything to regain her health, including nutritional strategies such as juicing and avoidance of all sugar and processed foods.

Nothing helped. Her children became ill. Her husband became ill. Her dog died. Six months ago her parents moved in and they too became ill.

“I never once suspected mold,” she says.

Extensive research led her to the discovery that toxic mold can cause these various symptoms. Last week when she discovered six jackets covered in yellow, green, purple, and black furry mold, she and her family vacated their home.

“I’m worried about finances. I’m worried about whether we will recover. I’m worried about the legal implications of walking away from our home. How on earth we are going to pay for all that is coming our way, I just do not know.”

This mother’s story is all too common. It's our family's story, and so many others. This week marks three years since we found ourselves in a hotel, asking these same questions. Over the course of these last three years, I have spoken with dozens of families who have experienced this devastation.

For this reason I have a passion to raise awareness not only about toxic mold, but also about the hazards of pesticides, chemicals, EMFs, personal care products, and more. It is my dream to provide financial assistance to families just like this one.

So it is with great excitement that I introduce momsAWARE, an organization dedicated to seeing this dream become a reality. We are currently completing the incorporation process and will then apply for 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS, which will allow us to accept tax-deductible donations as a qualified charitable organization.

We have an active website which includes articles, podcasts, videos, recipes, and helpful links. We’d love to have you join our Forum and visit us on Facebook for our daily educational tips and links to helpful resources.

Our website can be viewed here:

I am also very excited to let you know about our very own All-Natural Lip Balm! My daughter Megan and I have developed this recipe, which includes nourishing Jojoba Oil, luxurious Apricot Kernel Oil, sweet Lemon Oil, and the rare Melissa Oil. This lip balm has done wonders for our family! We plan to add seasonal versions with ingredients such as white fir for winter, lavender for spring, citrus for summer, and cinnamon for fall. I invite you to try our momsAWARE All-Natural Lip Balm by visiting our Online Store.

The world is slowly awakening to the connection between toxicity and health. Join us as we seek to encourage and empower, one searching family at a time.

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