VCS Testing

One of the commonalities my children experienced during the height of our mold exposure involved disruptions in vision. Blurry vision and double vision were repeated issues. Two of the children were prescribed reading glasses and our daughter Kaitlyn was referred to a vision therapist for convergence insufficiency. Soon after I began researching the connection between mold and health I came across Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's website for biotoxin illness. This website features a vision screening that can determine the likelihood of a toxic exposure. The visual contrast test (VCS) tests the nerves that run from the eye to the back of the head. Those harmed by biotoxins will lose their ability to detect the subtle differences between white, grey, and black. The test is affordable and can be done at home. The link and instructions are available below.

Biotoxin Illness and VCS Testing

I paid for one VCS test for Colin and since we had unreliable internet at the time I couldn't follow through with it. We ended up leaving for Arizona and I never went back to it. If anyone has experience with this testing feel free to leave a comment and I will publish it.

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