Fellow Sufferers

The following are excerpts from emails I have received over the last few weeks. With their permission I share these in hopes others will be helped. I hear toxicologist Dr. Jack Thrasher's words echoing as I share these: "I'd like to retire but there are too many people suffering."

1. Stacey and her family moved out of their home in November of 2008.

"I am a former nurse and mother of 8. Our family was poisoned by toxic mold as well. I got the brunt of it in my house- it was in the fireplace, and ceiling of my bedroom, as well as the 2nd floor HVAC. Being a debilitated mother with children who have health issues is not easy. The first time my hands went numb, I was driving 6 children in the middle of nowhere! That is my worst issue now- hypersensitivity to exposure. I can pick it up on clothes, etc- and get sick within 60 seconds.

One thing we all had, except my husband, was new onset allergies and food sensitivities. We can eat most of these things now without symptoms. Before we moved out of our house, I could eat almost nothing in the end. I had 2 children who also projectile vomited frequently- all night long. NO doctor could find any cause for this in any of us. Once we left the house, I vomited only once- from exposure. My children have not vomited again.

I truly believe that God saved my life, and my childrens', through divine intervention. A woman in a doctor's office was talking about her symptoms, and I said, "Wait! What is wrong with you?" She asked if I had had my house checked for toxic mold. Until that moment, I had no idea what was causing our problems."

2. Elizabeth, her husband, and two children are currently living in a hotel.

"We are currently going through a mold remediation process at our home. For several years my husband has had chronic illness which have included symptoms such as: chronic headaches, dizziness, ringing in ears, vertigo, vision problems, one episode of viral meningitis, irregular heartbeat, lack of mental clarity, chronic sinus infections, chemical sensitivities, and IBS. He's seen all kinds of doctors from GP to ENT, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, etc, and has had tons of testing (CTs, MRIs, spinal taps, colonoscopies) and they've found nothing. Nothing except for B12 and D deficiencies and allergies to dust and mold. Turns out we have mold. My daughters and I haven't experienced anything like what hubby has, but both girls were constantly sick this past winter/spring. We have been out of the house for several weeks due to a bad metallic taste in our mouth and burning in our throat, which prompted us to look for air quality issues in the home."

3. Kris wrote to me regarding her daughter's exposure at work. She included a link to an article from the local newspaper.

"My daughter has been exposed to high levels of toxic mould in the workplace. Her health is deteriorating and we are not getting much help from the doctors in Australia."

Article in the Townsville Bulletin

The local television station did a story on Kris's daughter.

News Story

Story is called "Mould Invasion" and aired 3 weeks ago. (currently on page 4)

4. Tom became ill in the Fall of 2007 with mysterious fatigue-like symptoms. He made the connection with mold in January of this year. His recovery took a turn two weeks ago.

"My health continues to suffer and we found out Friday that our home is not safe for me after all. This could be a major piece of the puzzle for my recovery. Unfortunately, this spells disaster in the short term - and we will need wisdom and prayer more than ever. The mold has been there all along (part of a construction defect), but we didn't look in the right place until last week."

Tom's CaringBridge website

There are countless others who have not made the connection between their illnesses and mold. Often they feel crazy because their symptoms are so baffling to the medical community. I like this quote from C.S. Lewis: "We read to know we are not alone."

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