Fourth Hospitalization due to Toxic Mold Exposure

Our youngest son was admtted to the St. Louis Children's Hospital while on a trip to visit family last week.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia for a fourth time.  He was also diganosed with Moderate to Severe Persistent Uncontrolled Asthma which is what causes the pneumonia to form.  This nightmare started when he was exposed to toxic mold in a house we rented from the time of his birth until he was nearly two years old.  His first hospitalization and asthma attack ocurred when he was 18 months old.  He is now four years old and has been hospitalized four times. The type of toxic mold that caused him to have this severe form of asthma is called Chaetomium.  Please read through our blog to learn more about our story.  We hope that by telling our story, we can help other people.

(the picture above shows how much of a struggle it was for our son to breathe even while on oxygen)

Click here to read the full story regarding his most recent hospitalization.

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