10 Tips for Staying Ahead of Mold Growth

Once you're confident your home is clear of toxic mold, here are some suggestions for keeping it that way.

1. Make sure your bathrooms have proper ventilation. Keep them dry and clean. Replace old fans if necessary. Open a window if possible. Use a small fan if necessary.

2. Squeegee the walls after a shower. Or wipe down with towels.

3. Do not hang wet towels in the bathroom. New towels are best for each shower or bath.

4. Use a lightweight fabric shower curtain liner. Wash frequently. Studies show that vinyl emits toxins and attracts mold. See this article for more information.

5. Keep your refrigerator clean. Keep only fresh foods.

6. Avoid wallpaper, especially in bathrooms.

7. Change cat litter daily.

8. Keep clutter to a minimum. Throw away piles of newspapers, magazines, etc.

9. Avoid swamp coolers. Keep dehumidifiers clean.

10. Check for leaks frequently. Fix all leaks immediately. Consider installing a moisture sensor alarm. If you leave your home for more than a few days consider turning off the main water valve.

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