The Bullet Ant

We've been watching Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth." The report on fungus and the rainforest is particularly mesmerizing. The piece focuses on a lone bullet ant whose body is infiltrated with a parasitic fungus. His body and mind become so disoriented he clings to a tree.

His fellow workers find him, carry him away, and leave him to die. They remove him to avoid the deadly spores that will soon burst from his body. Spores that can wipe out the entire colony.

We stand to learn a great deal from the ants of the rainforest.

First, the bullet ant has a sting which is ranked as the most painful of all wasp, bee, or ant stings. Fungus, in the right setting, can debilitate the most powerful of creatures. Humans are no exception.

The narrator uses the word "disoriented" to describe the ant's irrational actions. The ant climbs up the tree and clings to it. Fungal exposure causes brain fog in humans. Disoriented is a good word.

In my mind, the key lesson lies in the fact that the ants know and understand the fungal threat. They take action to protect the colony.

The Bible tells us to learn from the ant. "Consider her ways and be wise." (Proverbs 6:6)

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