How can you protect your skin from the sun while avoiding chemicals found in most sunscreen products?

One solution is to make your own sunscreen. We use the following recipe when needed.

1 tsp. zinc oxide (one source is Soap Goods)
1 tbl. olive oil, jojoba oil, or oil of choice

This is not a waterproof sunscreen. It must be reapplied after swimming. It also cannot be stored. I mix it quickly in a disposable cup.

While not a perfect option, it's simple and affordable.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has an excellent article on the health benefits of sunlight as well as the hazards of common sunscreen products. He also offers an all-natural sunscreen. This article can be viewed here.

Some natural remedies for sunburn include: lavender essential oil, cucumber slices, aloe, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.

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