Global Indoor Health Network

Global Indoor Health Network is a newly-formed group of scientists, physicians, researchers, building engineers, indoor air quality experts, industrial hygienists, attorneys, teachers, injured workers, advocates, and others.

Global Indoor Health Network was previously named ACHEMMIC (Action Committee on the Health Effects of Mold, Microbes and Indoor Contaminants) and will continue the goal of raising awareness on the issue of indoor air quality.

Global Indoor Health Network's Vision is as follows:

Our vision is a global community of individuals and organizations working together to ensure that comprehensive information and guidance concerning medical treatment, investigative techniques and solutions are available to address the effects of contaminants in the indoor environment of homes, schools and businesses.

Global Indoor Health Network's Mission is as follows:

Our mission is to proactively participate with others in the public and private sector to promote accurate health policy, strive for consistent standards, and advance education and awareness to ensure healthy indoor environments for individuals and families around the globe.

Global Indoor Health Network's home page states:

The people who have been harmed by contaminants inside our homes, schools and businesses come from all walks of life around the globe. They are white collar workers, blue collar workers, retirees, veterans, teachers, business owners, homeowners, tenants, children, parents and grandparents. They live in owned, mortgaged and rented houses or apartments--large and small, new and old. They are affluent, poor and middle class. They are able-bodied taxpayers and disabled citizens. They are the insured and uninsured by health, workers compensation and property casualty insurance companies. They depend on integrity in medical science within teaching facilities and within the courts to protect their health and safety and the health and safety of their families. They represent the melting pot of citizens around the world.

For more information on joining Global Indoor Health Network, click here.

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