The New Social Media "Fix" Takes It Toll on American Idol

The New Social Media "Fix" Takes It Toll on American Idol

The 'X' Zone Tribute to Pia Toscano from American Idol

Pia Toscano was eliminated as a contestant on American Idol on Thursday, April 7 2011 in what 'X' Zone Radio Show host and executive producer Rob McConnell called "is truly a Paranormal Event!"

Is this a sign of things to come when the little ladies on Facebook and Twitter use the new social media to" fix" public voting results so the young male singers will win - tossing the much more talented and hard working aside for their own wild dreams of fantasy and hopeless aspirations?

The new social network has toppled the government in Egypt and now the social media fix has been exposed in American Idol.

God help us all when the dark powers on this planet start using the new social media for their own cynical and evil powers.

"What a shock, what a surprise," Ryan Seacrest said amid boos.

Jennifer Lopez could not even hold back the tears. "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

"A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable," Steven Tyler added, upset and nearly at a loss for words himself. "They're wrong."

"We're all in shock," said Randy Jackson. "I'm gutted."

Think they're regretting that save of Casey Abrams?!

After her swan song (The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You"), Pia Toscano broke down and was given a standing ovation from all, with many in tears.

Wake Up 'X' Zone Nation and small the social network dangers!

Watch Pia Toscano singing "I'll Stand By You" here - and her elimination from American Idol at

If you were as surprised as those who have contacted The 'X' Zone asking us to investigate a possible Conspiracy and the new social network "fix" and would like to have your messages sent to the producers of American Idol and put on a special website for all to read, send us your e-mail to and take our poll and much more at

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