It wasn't aliens, it was Nazis, Communists and mutants

It wasn't aliens, it was Nazis, Communists and mutants: New book reveals the 'real' story behind the Roswell landing


It is one of the greatest alien conspiracy theories of all time.
But now a new book may have come up with an even more bizarre explanation for the supposed alien crash landing at Roswell in 1947 - it was a plan hatched by Joseph Stalin to scare Americans.
After interviewing former workers from Nevada's infamous Area 51, author Annie Jacobsen has formulated a fantastical account involving the former Soviet leader, Nazi scientist Josef Mengele and a group of deformed 'child-like' aviators.
According to Mrs Jacobsen's new book, 'Area 51, an Uncensored History', Stalin hatched the plot to create a level of panic similar to that caused by Orson Wells's notorious 1938 'War of The World's' spoof alien invasion broadcast.

Using a captured, single wing Nazi jet fighter called the Horton HO 229, Stalin planned to land the plane in the U.S. with 'grotesque child like aviators' on board.

It was hoped, Mrs Jacobsen writes, that the landing would scare Americans witless.

To create his monstrous creatures however, he enlisted the help of Dr Mengele.

Known as the 'Angel of Death' for his horrific experiments on concentration camp inmates - Stalin called upon Mengele's expertise to create his child-like monsters in return for a eugenics laboratory.

Apparently Mengele - who at the time was in hiding in South America having fled Germany after World War Two - deemed the project worth risking his safety for.

The Roswell crash has gone down in conspiracy theory circles as a U.S. government cover up.

The story goes that aliens in a flying saucer inexplicably crashed in Roswell, New Mexico with badly injured aliens on board.

At the time spokesmen from Roswell army air base said that a 'flying disc' was found, but just hours later retracted the statement insisting instead that it was a weather balloon.

The incident was barely reported until the 1970s when a series of books and documentaries revived conspiracy theories that an alien landing had taken place.

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