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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
DR MARK DAVIS - Demons of Democracy -
Demons of Democracy describes the Constitutional Dementia that has pervaded the highest levels of government. It explains why the Constitution is being used as a doormat instead of a road map. Demons notes how a litigious army of a million strong has exploited the citizenry which empowers them. It covers why America is at war with its own identity and the freedoms we once thought were absolute may not be so free anymore. Author, Mark Davis exposes the ugly side to the legal profession and how it has destroyed American freedom in "Demons of Democracy" While Americans have always prided themselves on the freedoms afforded them under the Constitution, Mark Davis argues that these freedoms continue to slip away because of lawyers in "Demons of Democracy". Those interested in hiring a lawyer might think twice after discovering what Davis has to say about their role in deconstructing the American economy. Mark Davis, originally from New York City, now resides outside Washington D.C. After obtaining his medical degree from SUNY Syracuse in 1978 he began his trek through the maze of healthcare bureaucracy. As a former health facility owner, medical director for several health facilities, hospitalist, lobbyist and author he has learned the intricacies of healthcare delivery from the inside. His book, The Millennium Diet: The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss, is becoming the gold standard diet that other programs are being compared. Demons of Democracy, recently released, discusses how lawyers and legislators are deconstructing every major institution in America. The author embeds his experiences with the legal profession's obsession for control and money in a very well researched book.

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
LESLIE ROSE - Humour in the Workplace -
Leslie Rose has been a trainer, an after-dinner speaker and a coach for over 25 years. Leslie has a Master's degree in Human Relations from University of Waterloo. For 10 years he was the Director of Training for the Canadian Institute of Stress. Through his seminars and presentations Leslie has helped thousands of people to gain more control of their lives and achieve more success with others. Leslie's programs are enjoyable, involving and practical. Each program is intended to teach participants the essential professional development skills they need to feel great and become more productive. Leslie enables individuals to learn how empathy, rapport, effective listening and humour can transform their relationships. As a speaker Leslie inspires. He makes information useful and goals attainable. Leslie has presented to groups in business, health care, education, non-profit, and government. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
TANJA DIAMOND - "The Tantra Teacher"
, ACTE, C.Ht, NLP, CHSH, is a Life Mastery expert who has been working in the US and abroad, in the field of transformation and human sexuality for the past 25 years. Having lived and studied all over the world, Tanja has been fortunate to have many spiritual teachers in both conventional theories and the esoteric philosophies. Many formal credentials in applied science and psychology, certifications in energetic disciplines and several uncanny intuitive gifts make Tanja a dynamic force. As the creator of Modern Tantra ™, she and her team empower and educate people all over the globe to live lives more completely and being full engaged. Modern Tantra ™ is the path to Life Mastery, and it includes the Tantra of Relations and Sexuality, Tantra of Self, Tantra of Business and Tantra of Awakening. Tanja is the most practical and easily understood Tantra teacher today, flexible in any format, using humor to make the sometime awkward subject of sex and spirituality educational, enlightening and fun. She maintains that sex isn't a luxury; it's an integral part of our everyday living. Sexual energy is a creative force that keeps us healthy mentally and physically. Being sexually empowered is about living your life as fully alive as you were born to be. Tanja is legendary for putting sizzle and intimacy back into sexless marriages. Working with couples that have not been sexual for 10 or more years, she has created sexual dynamos in one afternoon. Tanja's takes on the boardroom with Tantra for Business and her Inner Circle Program, teaching the most powerful business tools the corporate world has ever seen. Exploding companies to the top of their game at warp speed. An endlessly curious nature has taken Tanja into the depths of the human mind and spirit, expanding past boundaries that have halted others. Her rock star style of teaching has touched, thrilled, inspired and empowered the lives of thousands. With over 4,000 individual session, and well over a hundred workshops her students lives are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of hours. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
JOSEPH NIEZGODA - The Lennon Prophecy -
For weeks in 1964, Joseph Niezgoda looked forward to February 7. It would be his 8th birthday. What he didn't know was that February 7 would also be the day his life would change - the day The Beatles landed in America. Two nights later Niezgoda sat with his family, the television was tuned to The Ed Sullivan Show and, like most young Americans, he was mesmerized. After watching the show he became a true life long Beatle fan and began collecting magazines, posters, books and albums. Then on December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot and killed in New York City. Soon after getting over the initial shock he began to notice how many of the strange and mystical things about The Beatles seemed to tie into John's death. Without even looking, he began to uncover some most disturbing clues. After a lifetime of listening, reading studying and pouring over Beatle material the many confusing questions razed from countless clues, backward masking, and pictures all began to fall into place. While the world was focused on the madman tendencies of Lennon's murderer, Niezgoda sensed something completely different: He noticed that John Lennon may well have sold his soul to the devil, and that the assassination was merely Satan collecting his due. Over the next 20 years, Niezgoda read countless books detailing Lennon's life, and even more clues arose. He listened to all of Lennon's songs, and scores of lyrics that had once seemed innocent suddenly resounded with a new and sinister meaning. He reviewed photographs and noticed formerly inconspicuous details that now seemed so telling and so clear. While at first he had just been stumbling across happenstance evidence, he was now driven to uncover the truth - the truth behind the mystery of The Beatles' uncanny success and John Lennon's shocking murder. Niezgoda never liked what he found (this was about his idol, after all), but he became at times obsessed with discovering more and more information that supported his suspicion. In 1987 Niezgoda began committing these clues to paper. That amassed evidence is now The Lennon Prophecy. -
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