Covert Chicken Feet

I used to do one-stop grocery shopping. Stock up on macaroni and cheese, head down the meat aisle, and end with a few fruits or vegetables.

Times have changed. Embracing Hippocrates’ admonishment to make food our medicine, I joined an organic buying club and discovered farmers markets. Because I buy in bulk, I now "shop" for food in rather unconventional ways. At times I feel like I'm performing a CIA covert operation. The mission is not an easy one. Sometimes a shot of wheatgrass juice is all that keeps me going.

Special thanks to producer/director Reagan Fabry
and concept creator Sherry Parmelee.

My suppliers, in order of appearance:

Marcia's soy-free eggs
Walking J Farm (best chicken feet in the world)
White Cane Sockeye Salmon
Fiore di Capra goat dairy

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