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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
TRISTAN RIMBAUD - Medium - In his 14-year career, Tristan Rimbaud has celebrated international acclaim amidst controversies and personal battles as one of the most accurate and youngest psychic mediums in the world. Tristan remains a media fixture with guest appearances on more than 200 radio and television programs worldwide including the CMT reality series Trading Spouses showcasing his gift of knowledge from beyond the physical. Tristan spends his time conducting psychic phone readings for clients around the globe from his home office in the great Midwest while managing his own company, New Life Old Soul®. He has written three self-published books and produces a signature line of scented prayer candles. As Tristan famously once stated, "God doesn't judge us; we have preachers and strangers who do that for us." -

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm PacificJONATHAN WEYER - The Faithful - Jonathan Weyer is the author of the upcoming novel, The Faithful, due to be released in the Fall of 2010 by Brio Books. He has also written a book about his ministry to atheists tentatively titled, Confessions of a Pirate Chaplain. This book is currently being shopped by his agent, Wes Yoder. Jonathan was born in 1974 in Huntingburg, Indiana. He spent two weeks every summer with his grandma who allowed him to check out stories about Bigfoot, the Mothman and ghost stories from the library. This summer reading gave him a lifelong love for scary stories. Jonathan's family moved to St. Louis, Missouri when he was in the sixth grade. After college, he went to Covenant seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity with honors. He is currently ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. While pastoring two churches, one in Illinois and one in Florida, he began to write a fantasy book based on American mythology. After a move to Columbus, Ohio, Jonathan felt a call to campus ministry at The Ohio State University. During the transition from church ministry to campus ministry, he decided to write his second novel, The Faithful, which combined his knowledge of the church and his love for scary stories. Jonathan is the founder of The Thomas Society, a ministry dedicated to answering questions from doubters, agnostics and atheists. Along with the atheists at Ohio State, he won a Multicultural Award from the university. Because of his work with atheists, the Secular Student Alliance added him to their speaker's bureau. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm PacificANDY THOMAS - The Truth Agenda - Andy is a leading UK researcher into unexplained mysteries and conspiracies and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores the link between paranormal phenomena, global cover-ups and 2012 prophecies. His many other books include Vital Signs, described widely as the definitive guide to the crop circle phenomenon [published by Frog Ltd in the US]. Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on truth and liberty issues, and he also runs Vital Signs Publishing, which produced Geoff Stray's seminal Beyond 2012 [now available in the US & Canada from Bear & Co.], and which Andy edited. Andy is also the MC/presenter for The Glastonbury Symposium and The Alternative View conferences in the UK. Andy extensively writes and lectures around the world, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. Major UK spots have included Channel 4's Richard and Judy, BBC 2's Esther, ITV's GMTV, BBC 1's The One Show and Sky 1's recent smash hit show Pineapple Dance Studios. Andy has also featured in television programmes as far afield as the USA, Peru, Japan, Germany, Italy and many other countries. -

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm PacificWYNN FREE - The Reincarnated Edgar Cayce - Wynn Free is most known as the principal author of the book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. In addition to presenting an impeccable case, proving for most readers, that Edgar Cayce has returned, the book gives a most credible understanding, from a cosmic perspective, as to what's really happening on planet earth, concerning the dimensional shift and ascension. The source of the readings has identified itself as the Ra Confederacy - a group soul. Wynn, who has a background as a physics major in Berkeley, began writing the book from a scholarly standpoint. Then two years into the writing (April 2002), to his own astonishment, he learned that he was under direct observation from intelligences on the other side when they initiated a series of communications, speaking to Wynn through two consecutive personal relationships. Initially, he had to decide if it was real and if it was positive. He was invited to ask questions and diligently recorded the answers to evaluate over time. The intelligences speaking to him identified themselves as the Council of Elohim, which is the name the Bible refers to as the Creator God of this realm. After five years of these communications, all recorded, Free has come to the conclusion that they just might be who they say they are with numerous instances of future prognostications, miracles, and wise counseling. Many of the premises in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, concerning ascension, were independently verified by the communications of the Elohim.

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