Continuing Education

While the ants are hopefully digging their last hole, we're still climbing out from under ours. We are re-ventilating, re-laundering, and re-vinegaring. The toxins in those tiny ant traps created a setback in our health I did not expect.

The good news is we avoided another chemical disaster because of the experience. Our 11-year-old daughter Kaitlyn found a couple of tiny cracks in the grout in one of the showers. This is yet another lesson we learned this week: always check for cracks in the grout before you move. With our mold history it amazes me that we didn't think of this. Our daughter did, and it shows we have a lot of post-trauma issues ahead. She was terrified when she found the cracks.

We called the builder who called his tile guy. He inspected the cracks and the others we found in another bathroom. He was prepared to coat the grout with silicone. Because of the ant trap exerience we declined the silicone. We're looking into Safecoat, which is available through a toxic-free building materials showroom in Tucson. It's worth perusing this website to see all of the toxic-free options available!

We're learning. Ever so slowly.

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