Move Update

Our move is progressing. We opened the house on Monday morning and found strong VOCs. Stronger than we remembered. (VOCs are volatile organic compounds and are emitted from paints, adhesives, wall boards and such in newer homes.) Since mold produces VOCs we are susceptible to all VOCs.

Interesting note: when you smell a musty odor it is the VOCs from the mold.

We immediately began the ventilation process. We opened all the windows, closets, and cupboards, and got the ceiling fans going. Megan's close friend Beth is visiting this week from Colorado and willingly became part of the ventilation team. They put box fans in all the windows and scoured the floors with white vinegar and put baking soda in all of the cupboards.

By Wednesday night the VOC smells were much better. Thursday is another full day of ventilation before our first night in the home on Friday.

This process is so overwhelming that I find myself sitting around, lacking any and all motivation to pack, organize, or administrate. I think I'll take a deep breath and remember that this too shall pass. Our green pasture may just be a few hundred yards ahead.

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