The Japanese Tsunami Was Predicted But No One Wanted To Listen

Q: What do an Astrologers, Psychics, Tarot Card Readers and Geologist all have in common?

A: They accurately predict earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear radiation leaks in our present day and times.

With the devastation in Japan on March 11 2011, we have found guests who have been on The 'X' Zone Radio Show who have predicted, what we have all witnessed, and they are calling for more devastation.

Psychic Elizabeth Joyce, Robert Ghost Wolfe, Tara Greene and Michelle Whitedove  have all predicted on The 'X' Zone Radio Show months and even years ago, what we are living though today.

This issue is already destined to be an international success and we are anticipating three times the distribution of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, March 2011 edition.

The 'X' Chronicles newspaper for March 2011 will be available at on Sunday March 27 2011.
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