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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
ANNETTE MARTIN - Psychic Detective Who Solves Homicides, Missing Persons and Cold Cases
- Annette Martin has psychically counseled corporate as well as private clients; demonstrated her ability to psychically diagnose illness and disease before countless physicians; performed what some have regarded as miraculous healings; works as a Psychic Detective with her partner retired Lt. Chuck Seymour, in assisting law enforcement agencies under the name of Closure4U Investigations; participated in some of America's most sensational ghost busting cases; been termed the Radio Psychic due to the many radio programs and appearances around the country and has received national television exposure for her psychic ghost hunting and police work. Her degree in Psychology, coupled with her natural psychic abilities, makes her personal counseling accurate and effective.

SEGMENT 2: 11 p m - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
Dr. Hairfield has an interesting and fascinating background. Having been raised in a very normal environment, he decided to serve his country in the military, during a rather troubled era. His duties and expertise led him to Vietnam. Anyone who was there can tell you that it was not a pleasant experience. His search for peaceful answers and higher understanding guided his steps within the walls of a Zen Buddhist monastery in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam, where he would take refuge and study whenever he could. His natural curiosity, blended with a very acute intuitive sense led him to deeper questions of life and the purpose of self. The monks began to insist that he should learn of Issa. He then learned that Issa was in fact Jesus. He later learned that Issa, Jesus, had spent much time in what is now known today as India, Pakistan, Ladak, Nepal, and Tibet before returning to the Middle East to carry out His mission. This truly inspired his personal search for knowledge and a passion to somehow recreate the Master's 18 years not mentioned in the Bible. He had set a goal that would intrigue and shock him later, but first, he had to understand what made the human mind work in the fashion that it does. Upon his return to the United States he studied for and received a B.A. in Psychology. Then pushed by his dream for Universal Truth, he traveled to India following an inner urge which led him to his greatest teachers and lessons, Tibetan Masters. They guided him through India, Nepal, and twice into Tibet, they smuggled him into the later as it was Red Chinese with closed borders at the time. While in this part of the world he adapted to the life of a monk, and for many years he continued his research in the Far East and the path of Jesus while proving to himself that indeed He had been there studying. While there Dr. Hairfield honed the talents Spirit had given him learning many healing techniques and became a Reiki Master and the techniques of focusing energy for higher purpose he now teaches these techniques to his students and audiences throughout the world.

SEGMENT 3: 12 am- 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
SAM GEPPI - Astrologer -
Vedic Astrology is from the same enlightened minds that brought Yoga to the world. Vedic Astrology uses the same planets, signs and houses as in western astrology, yet the symbols are interpreted in a different way. Many say Vedic astrology seems like a more spiritual approach. Sam Geppi is a Vedic Astrologer. Sam has recently developed the "Universal Astrology" System. It approaches astrology from a holistic perspective. The Divine universe itself is the more important in "Universal Astrology" than the man made systems used to try to explain it. In Universal Astrology, the universe is seen as the divine matrix that creates all life, rather than heavy, dark forces we must overcome through our "freewill" and effort. The loving, divine universe is there to support you not limit you or oppress.

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
AMY CROWELL - Loved Back To Life -
The Author is extremely knowledgeable about the harmful effects of the drugs that have been available for many years to the newest drug crazes hitting our streets. Her experience teaching economically disadvantaged, inner city high school students has proven how well she relates to teenagers. As sponsor of Student Council at her school she has excelled with the students. The organization has won numerous awards and two national awards including the Difference Maker Award from the National Association of Student Councils and a Special Recognition Award from America's Blood Bank in Washington, D.C. for the school's outstanding Blood Drives. During her years as sponsor of Student Council, Amy has dedicated herself to educating the students on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and has lead numerous campaigns educating the student body. One of her policies with the students is being honest. She answers the students questions about her alcoholism and drug addiction and how she has recovered. Her honesty inspires many of the young people to listen and take heed.

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