Hidden History - Brought to Light by The 'X' Zone

Hidden History

By Rob McConnell

One has to wonder what the true facts are about history and how, if the truth were to be known, what effect it would have on this planet and it's humanoid inhabitants.

We know for a fact that Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas that the Egyptians, Irish and Vikings were in the Americas both exploring and trading.

Egyptian artefacts have been discovered in the Grand Canyon and there have been recent archaeological finds that support a theory that the Chinese had made trips across the Pacific to North America before Columbus as well.

Archaeologists have found evidence that The Great Flood did really happen and as a result, the changes that were caused by the flood changed our planet and its inhabitants in many ways.

We know that prior to The Great Flood the oxygen level was twice as it is today.

Humans lived longer, were healthier and skeletal remains reveal that humans were taller, as were other living organisms.

This increase in planetary oxygen find was displayed at the World’s Fair in Japan when scientists grew a tomato plant in an oxygen enriched environment.

The results could not be disputed. The tomato plant produced, and remember that we are talking about one tomato plant, 13,000 yes thirteen thousand tomatoes and the plant lived for more than six months.

The enriched oxygen would also validate the extremely long life of those spoken about in the  pre-flood days in the Bible.

Trees have been found in the rich preservative peat bogs that have been measured to be over 1,000 feet!

Could the enriched oxygen atmosphere have a direct connection to the size of dinosaurs and other prehistoric plants and animals? According to archaeologist and international explored from New Zealand Dr Jonathan Gray, it most certainly does.

Archaeologists Round around the world know the truth and have for years and their discoveries and findings are blocked and suppressed by members of the scientific community as well as academia who egos and " 
mightier than thou" serves them well for funding and other personal gains.

I for one would like to know the truth despite the ramifications that the truth would have on history, the scientific community, academia or religion.

How can we expect the truth in from all members of society when we now know that the very historical basis of our existence and evolution on this planet and what our children are being taught in the hallowed halls of learning are lies.

We also know from archaeological finds that flight, batteries, electromagnet forces and mastered building skills were mastered by the ancients.

For more information on suppressed and hidden archaeology please Google Jonathan Gray and Michael Cremo.

David Nabham was on The 'X' Zone Radio Show this week and using present and historical lunar/tidal charts has developed an Earthquake Predictions System that would allow members of government and the media to let members of the public know of dates of high earthquake occurrences allow the public as well as officials the lead time necessary to prepare for the probable events for those dates.

As of yet there has been not been any interest from any government or official agency.  There would be no cost whatsoever for this information which, if correct, and according to independent analysis of the data supplied by David  Nabhan, it is, this information and data will save lives and the financial costs incurred by unexpected disasters.

Dates that David Nabhan claims we should be aware of are September 27th 2011; October 26th 2011 and December 24th 2011 - These Warning Date are for California.

For more information on David Nabhan or Jonathon Gray you can listen to their interviews on The 'X' Zone Radio Show at www.xzonepodcast.com.

Yes, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Oh, and by the way, there has never been an archaeological find that proves the existence of extraterrestrial visitations.

For The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show and The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, I am Rob McConnell.

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