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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
DAVID J PITKIN - The Ghost Guy -
Retired teacher David J. Pitkin has been intrigued by mysteries throughout his life. His personal search for meaning was stimulated by a bout with cancer in 1973. From that event onward, fascinated by the workings of the unconscious mind and on the growing evidence for consciousness surviving body death, he has written five books of researched ghost stories. He studied dream analysis with Dr. Montague Ullman, and believes that dreams of the deceased are often genuine "contact experiences." He lectures widely on parapsychology themes, including ghost stories and near-death experiences. His best collection of New England ghost stories is found in Ghosts of the Northeast (2002), which has sold over 25,000 copies and in his 2010 book, New England Ghosts. Pitkin has served as a professional numerologist and spiritual counselor, using his degree in Counseling Psychology (Goddard College, 1990) to analyze peoples' dreams, personalities and spiritual goals. His book, Spiritual Numerology: Caring for Number One, outlining his unique numerological analytical system, was published in 2000. Though he considers the phenomenon of ghosts to contain the very serious principles on which life begins and ends, he often regales audiences with the humorous that so often accompanies ghost experiences. Pitkin's motto is "Enlighten, Don't Frighten," as he stimulates readers and listeners to ponder the profound issues surrounding death-and life, an unquenchable life that continues on into eternity. He frequently appears on radio and television, addressing issues of the strange phenomena and the unseen world around us. In 2006 Pitkin completed Adirondack Journey, Glens Falls TV-8's series on haunts in the Adirondacks. His updated Saratoga County book, Haunted Saratoga County, was published in 2005, and has become another local best seller. He published New York State Ghosts, Volume 1 in 2006, and Volume 2 in October, 2008, and is currently preparing a third volume in that series. He has found that more people than one would suspect are interested in their life's ending and want it to be a happy one, and he offers suggestions on how to achieve that. His first novel, The Highest Mountain: Death & Life in the Adirondacks, was published in June 2007, and Pitkin is currently working on a sequel, The Explorer: An Adirondack Search, due out in 2014. In March 2009 he released his first album of narrated ghost stories with an Adirondack theme: Adirondack Ghost Stories, Volume One. -

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
KEN R UNGER - The Happiness Project -
Ken R. Unger is CEO of the True Happiness Project and cofounder of Grace Entertainment Media (GEM). His new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough - Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain, is unique in publishing history: it's a book that actually heals. As a former atheist who writes apologetics, practical theology and conspiracy fiction, he's been called an American C.S. Lewis. Ken is a true Renaissance man. He sang in a rock band, has been a commercial actor, model and voiceover talent, hosted an award winning radio show, and done countless radio and TV interviews. He's been a pastor and professor and since 1979 he has taught classes and led Retreats & Seminars on spiritual growth and emotional healing in the US and Bahamas. As a Spiritual Psychotherapist: Ken has used STEP Therapy in his work with pro athletes and coaches, titans of industry and TV personalities, child molesters, prison inmates, and satanic abuse victims and perpetrators. He's helped people from all walks of life heal the pain that underlies their failures and out-of-control compulsive behaviours. He also writes global conspiracy novels and screenplays. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
TOM T MOORE - The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels -
Tom T. Moore is the author of The Gentle Way Books and an entertainment industry CEO, who distributes motion pictures and TV programs internationally. He brings a keen knowledge of how requesting Benevolent Outcomes can be used in both business affairs and one's personal life. He also communicates with his own Guardian Angel and other benevolent beings in his "active meditations" and has asked thousands of questions about the universe and our world, all published each week in his newsletter. A native of Dallas, Texas, he is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and served in the U.S. Army as a 1st Lieutenant. He's married, and has two children. His books, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels and The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues (ISBN #s 1-891824-60-0 & 978-1-891824-80-7, Light Technology) are available on his website at

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
KATHLEEN MARDEN - UFO's and Alien Abductions Betty and Barney Hill's Neice -
Kathleen Marden was trained as a social scientist and educator and holds a B.A. degree from the University of New Hampshire. She participated in graduate studies in education at The University of Cincinnati and UNH. She is also a certified hypnotherapist. During her fifteen years as an educator, she innovated, designed and implemented model educational programs. She also held a supervisory position, coordinating, training and evaluating education staff. Additionally, she taught adult education classes on UFO and abduction history. She is the director of field investigator training (emeritus) for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), the largest international UFO organization. In 2003, MUFON publicly recognized Kathy for her outstanding contribution of advancing the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon and demonstrating positive leadership. For the past twenty years she has engaged in UFO research and investigation and written numerous articles pertaining to UFO abduction phenomena. Kathy was a primary witness to the evidence of her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hills' 1961 UFO encounter and the aftermath. After Betty's death in 2004, Kathy compiled two permanent archival collections for the Milne Special Collection and Archives Department at the UNH Library. The Hills' civil rights collection is comprised of documents, letters, photographs and newspaper articles pertaining to Betty's and Barney's social and political activities. The UFO collection contains all of all the correspondence, articles, and other material from Betty's extensive files, including new material, Betty's dress, and the forensic paintings of her captors by artist, David Baker. In 1996, Betty released to Kathy the audio tapes of the hypnosis sessions she and Barney participated in with renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. With Betty's approval, she transcribed the tapes and conducted a comparative analysis of the Hills' individual testimony versus Betty's dream account of alien abduction. Her book Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, (coauthored with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton Friedman) was published in 2007. -
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