Nevada Legislation

The Nevada legislature has adopted legislation regarding indoor mold. With knowledge such as this I continue to be amazed at the lack of knowledge within the medical community. But the tide continues to turn.

ASSEMBLY CONCURRENT RESOLUTION-Designating the month of September 2009 as National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month.

WHEREAS, People of all ages and backgrounds throughout the world have developed illnesses because of exposure to indoor toxic mold, and it is estimated that 500,000 deaths occur annually in the United States as a result of such exposure; and

WHEREAS, Most molds produce mycotoxins, which are toxic vapors created by mold spores, that are poisonous to humans and animals, and have even been used as biological weapons in war; and

WHEREAS, Aflatoxins are mycotoxins that are among the most carcinogenic substances known, and the United States Food and Drug Administration has enforced regulatory limits on aflatoxin concentrations in foods and feeds since 1965; and

WHEREAS, Mycotoxins enter the body through inhalation, ingestion or contact with the skin and can result in a multitude of symptoms, including, but not limited to, dermatitis, cough, rhinitis, nosebleeds, cold- and flu-like symptoms, headache, general malaise and fever; and

WHEREAS, Mycotoxin exposure can lead to toxic injury that may include multiple potentially life-threatening illnesses, affecting the skin and the nervous, vascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary and immune systems, as well as forming cancers within the body; and

WHEREAS, Certain species of molds, referred to as "body temperature molds," can live and grow inside the human body, causing recurring infections and numerous other health problems as well as death; and

WHEREAS, Mycotoxin Toxic Exposure Injury is a chronic, debilitating condition causing serious economic, employment, housing, health, social and other consequences, including death; and

WHEREAS, While there is no practical way to eliminate all molds and mold spores in the indoor environment, indoor mold growth can be curtailed by controlling moisture and ensuring that any damp or wet building materials and furnishings are cleaned and dried within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth; and

WHEREAS, National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month is an opportunity to bring greater attention to the need for further education and consumer awareness about molds and mycotoxins; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY THE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, THE SENATE CONCURRING, That the 75th Nevada Legislature designates September 2009 as National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Legislature recognizes that by increasing awareness about indoor toxic mold, we can prevent needless hazardous conditions that take the lives of thousands every year and adversely affect the health and well-being of many more.

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