Clearer Vision

Whether it was eye floaters, nystagmus (involuntary eye movements), or nearsightedness, our vision was impacted at the height of our exposure to toxic mold. Two of our youngest were prescribed eyeglasses during that time period: Reagan (age 11 at the time) and Colin (age 7 at the time). Both complained of blurry vision while trying to read.

Brandon (age 6) also complained of blurry vision. I just didn't have time to take him to the eye doctor. Kaitlyn had so many vision complaints we committed to 6 months of vision therapy.

Ten months after leaving the home, Reagan had a tough time seeing while playing baseball. He was no longer struggling with blurry vision, so we replaced his reading glasses with distance glasses.

Now that we've been detoxing for 17 months, Reagan no longer wears glasses at all. Colin no longer needs glasses.

Just yesterday Megan (22) came back from the eye doctor with a similar report. Megan's vision went downhill soon after moving into our home. "When you get a new driver's license you can let the DMV know that you no longer need glasses to drive," the doctor said.

Even my distance vision improved at my last exam. Evidently this can occur with the aging process, even without detox and diet changes.

Improving our vision has not been our priority. We're so focused on detox and recovery, it's a byproduct of our efforts. For those interested in giving attention to vision, there is a natural vision improvement method called the Bates Method. Highly controversial, the Bates Method teaches various exercises for naturally improving one's eyesight. One of these exercises is called "palming" and is discussed in Dr. Joseph Mercola's article titled "Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally."

We're seeing a little clearer these days. In lots of ways. From connecting the dots of our medical past to seeing the truth about toxic exposure and health. We still lose our way frequently. But I'm grateful for the days when the clouds part and the fog lifts. Today is one of those days.

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