New Mexico's Call for Action

The state of New Mexico is taking action on the issue of mold protection in their state. The following press release was issued last week:

The New Mexico Department of Health’s Environmental Health Epidemiology Bureau (EHEB) advises all NM residents to report leaks and mold growth immediately to their landlord or property manager, and to local, state, and federal health authorities.

Geri Jaramillo, Asthma Health Educator for EHEB, notes that there is currently “no penalty” for any companies that refuse to mediate toxic mold growth in their investment properties. Jaramillo also acknowledges that at present the state has no “authority to mandate mold standards” but hopes to encourage increasing public involvement in EHEB’s efforts to address the public health threat posed by toxic mold in indoor environments.

Sensitivity to mold toxins in the home and work environment is a primary cause of asthma in all age groups. As part of NM’s initiative to reduce the public health threat and costs of asthma, Jaramillo and EHEB are now forming an Asthma Advisory Committee and encourage all concerned members of the public to contact the program with concerns and ideas. According to Jaramillo, “we welcome it.”

To view the press release, click here.

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