Ann Eller Enters The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woo's!

'X' Zone Nation, I just had to share my thoughts about an interview I did yesterday,, Wednesday, October 6 2010 with ANN ELLER, who claims to have worked with Dr. J Allen Hynek, who is known far and wide in the world of UFOlogy.

Ann came on the show to discuss her work with Dr Hynek and she told me of how she had become interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials after having very clear and vivid dreams of them.

After several attempts to contact Dr Hynek, Ann was finally successful, and ended up sending him, at his request (so she claims) her dream journal of her UFO / Alien dream state experiences.

Ultimately, she found out that Dr Hynek was going to be coming to a town near where she lived, so she went to the town, hung around with the UFO groupies that were at the address where Dr. Hynek was supposed to be, and volunteered her services. Professionally, she was a medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, and claims to have ties with the White House during the Clinton Administration.

She was accepted as a volunteer and set up Dr Hynek's office. Well, according to Ms. Eller, the good doctor was so impressed with her and her organizational skills, that she ended up working for him for $100.00 a week - some weeks longer than others.

Ms. Eller made several claims including:

1. Eller claims to of a government cover up - but has no proof and has made this conclusion based on her internet readings;

2. Eller claims to have had a 3 hour conversation with a group of female extraterrestrials who had morphed into the body of her friend and told her that they were inter-dimensional and that they had always been her and with her. This conversation was supposedly witnessed by her friends husband who was in the room with her at the time.

3. Eller claims that humanity is going through a metamorphosis' and that we are changing from a carbon based species to a crystal base species - as evidenced (allegedly) by a lady who expels crystals from her finger tips. Now, Eller claims to have met the lady, saw the supposed crystals, but did not witness them being expelled from the lady.

4. Eller told of a member of the military that she knows (but would not identify) who claims to have been brought to Cheyenne, Colorado, where she saw among other things, a deceased alien. According to Eller, the female member of the military was then told by the Men In Black, to cease her inquiries into the UFO / Alien presence and agenda.

5. Eller claims that Planet-X, you know the mythical planet that doomsday fanatics keep on talking about, can be seen in the morning and night sky, and that NASA and the astronomical professionals are suppressing the truth about it's existence. Now, Eller herself has never researched these claims with professional astronomers, but is relying on information that she has read on the internet.

Eller's interview contained bits and pieces from ever y aspect of UFOlogy, Extraterrestrials and New Age hodgepodge imaginable, including MJ-12, government cover-up and conspiracy, Roswell, Area 51, Skunk Works, Planet-X, December 21 2012, the Pole Shift, alien encounters, flying saucers, the inner working of UFO research, an incredible encounter in Laramie, Wyoming and much more.

After 3 segments of the 4 segment interview, we came back from our last break, Ann Eller was no longer on the line!

Was she abducted by aliens? Had the Men In Black kidnapped her for spilling the beans? Had the military come and threatened her?

No! I could not take any more of her bull crap and disconnected her, and yes, I played, "Another One Bites the Dust."

I do not buy her story whatsoever.

It lacks credibility as well as evidence.

Ann Eller has been added to The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woo's at with other guests who have come on The 'X' Zone who, in my humble opinion have NO credibility at all!

The link to this interview is

Your comments would be appreciated!

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