A New Marketing Tool For Experts, Guests, Authors, Publishers And Publicists: THE MEDIA POOL

For Immediate Release:-

Hamilton, Ontario

Tuesday, October 26 2010.

REL-MAR McConnell Media Company is please to announce the launch of our new e-publication "The Media Pool" which is a tool for members of the media in their selection of guests for radio, television, print and internet media.

The publisher of The Media Mart, Rob McConnell, has over 20 years experience in the media with the majority being host and exertive producer of the internationally syndicated radio show, The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show and the publisher of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper.

"As a member of the media, I know what my colleagues are looking for, and I know how to get them the information that they want and this is why we have created The Media Pool - helping people to make that all important media connection," McConnell says.

The Media Mart will be available for download, print format, as well as the capability of being downloaded to hand held devices.

The Media Mart will be distributed to members of the media across the United States and Canada, with the first edition to be released on November 15 2010.

The full page format is 10" wide x 14.89" high in full colour for the official launch of The Media Pool is $150.00 USD and is payable via PayPal.

To order your full page ad in The Media Pool, please send your email to admin@rel-mar.com.

Upon receipt of your email, we will send you a PayPal invoice and upon confirmation of payment, a member of our graphic team will be in contact with you to start work on your ad.

As a special introductory promotion, you will have a banner (648 x 162 pixels) in the REL-MAR Banner Rotation program on our websites including:
- www.rel-mar.com
- www.xzoneradiotv.com
- www.xzonetv.com
- www.xzonepodcast.com
- www.xzonearchives.com
- www.xzonebookclub.com
- www.xzonedirectory.com

We look forward to having you part of THE MEDIA POOL.

Laura E Rogers,
President & CEO,
REL-MAR McConnell Media Company.

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