Citizen Spy: Vatican Cover-Up: The Mob, Money-Laundering And Murder

Step into the world of an ordinary, single father turned spy

Robert Morgan was a loving father who objected to the sale of drugs at his daughter's schoolyard. Unlike most informants trying to save themselves, Morgan wanted to make a difference and risked his life to do so. Chase along with him as he exposes the brains of the Mafia's most brilliant international cartel with infamous mobsters Joseph Bonanno, Meyer Lansky, and John Charles Piazza III--all with solid links to the Five Families.

Under the combined aegis of the DEA and the FBI, Morgan unraveled the most sophisticated money-laundering scheme in the history of international crime and cost the Mafia a documented half billion dollars.

In the end he would also hear a London confession on who killed Pope John Paul I and why. John Paul I died after just one month as pope. Morgan reveals that just hours before his mysterious death, the pope had made a request that forced his murder.

Morgan waited three decades to write Citizen Spy in an attempt to avoid sure hits on his now grown daughter's life.

Robert W. Morgan was a rising Florida filmmaker when he decided to try to make a difference and become an informant. Morgan's activities earned him a pass among the Mafia, not suspecting he was leading a triple life: working for the DEA and FBI, too.

Now read Robert W Morgan's story,
Citizen Spy: Vatican Cover-Up: The Mob, Money-Laundering And Murder

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