The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - November 2010 Edition Is Here!

Your Complimentary Copy of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - November 2010
Is Now Available at

Here are just some of the many stores in this edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper:

Page 01: 2010: No Paranormal Evidence Found
Page 03: Whispers, Chains, Ghosts
Page 05: Big Brother Is Watching
Page 06: Hitler Devised UFO
Page 07: Ann Eller Re-Examined
Page 08: Dorito UFO Spotted Over UK
Page 09: Billy Meier Beats NASA to Punch
Page 10: UFO? Missile? Contrail?
Page 11: Is There A 666/2012 Connection?
Page 12: ‘X’ Zone Launch on NNTV Delayed
Page 13: Dr Nance MacLeod - 2011 Events
Page 14: My God, I’m Hit!
Page 15: North American Union
Page 16: Biologist Explains Chupacabra
Page 17: Tales of Witchcraft in Maritimes
Page 18: 10 Alien Encounters Debunked
Page 19: Alien Predators
Page 25: Common Myths About Diabetes
Page 26: Life After Religion
Page 27: From Websites to Peace of Mind
Page 28: Bizarre News
Page 29: 2012: The Year of Changes
Page 30: Dodging the Nuclear 9/11
Page 31: Astrology for December 2010
Page 32: Planet X
Page 33: In Flanders Field, The Poppies Blow.
Page 34: Muslim, Christian and Jew
Page 35: Visions of the Future - Sims Card Man
Page 36: ‘X’ Zone Bannermania
Page 39: Snippets from the Trenches
Page 41: Visions of Reality
Page 42: NASA, Fakes and Cover-ups
Page 43: Psychic Said She Was Duped
Page 44: The Exodus Revelation
Page 45: UFO Matrix
Page 46: Sorry! There Is No Afterlife
Page 47: Secrets of an Immortal
Page 48:

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