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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
Philip J. Imbrogno is a science educator, and a leading expert on ufology and the stone chambers of New York. With Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Bob Pratt, he co-authored the best-selling Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings (Ballantine Books, 1986), still in print (Llewellyn). His fourth and most recent book, Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs and other Dimensional Beings (Llewellyn), has remained on the list of top 25 best-selling UFO books since its publication in July 2008. His New Book Files from the Edge has just been released this month. In addition, he has written hundreds of articles. He lectures and makes numerous media appearances on television and radio. Imbrogno holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, astronomy and chemistry from the University of Texas and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is completing his Ph.D in theoretical chemistry from MIT. He is a staff member of the McCarthy Observatory in New Milford, Connecticut, and is a founder and former director of the Astronomical Society of Greenwich, and former director of the Bowman Observatory. Imbrogno's media appearances include high-profile television programs such as Oprah, Geraldo and Regis Philbin and Kathy Live; network news shows such as Dateline NBC; major TV and cable networks, including Fox, PBS, the History Channel and HBO, and numerous radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM, the largest syndicated night-time talk show. He has written articles for science and general interest publications, and writes an astronomy column for 13 Connecticut newspapers. Phil also has a new column called The Unexplained which appears monthly in the Hearst Newspaper chain.

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SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
ANDRE VAN HEERDEN - Shadow Government : How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Democracy and Your Freedom -
AndrĂ© van Heerden loves every aspect of production and it shows. The talented filmmaking hyphenate has come through the wars of independent filmmaking, still full of faith, still smiling and still eager for more. Van Heerden's wildly popular breakout film, Revelation (1999), starring Jeff Fahey, Nick Mancuso and supermodel Carol Alt, was on the best-seller lists for over two years and led the way in revolutionizing the faith-based film genre. Following that success van Heerden helmed the next popular installment, Tribulation, starring Gary Busey, Margot Kidder and comedian Howie Mandel (2000). Judgment (2001) a courtroom thriller starring L.A Law's Corbin Bernsen, the A Team's Mr. T and Armageddon's Jessica Steen was both written and directed by van Heerden. Van Heerden's Deceived (March 2002), a 21st century supernatural thriller starring Judd Nelson and Academy Award® winner Louis Gossett Jr., won "Film/Video of the Year" from Christian Beats, while the film's musical score was nominated for "Best Musical Score" at the DVD Premiere Awards. Veteran Director of Photography George Tirl (Steel Dawn) was impressed with van Heerden's burgeoning talents. "AndrĂ© is extremely gifted and committed to absolute quality," says Tirl of the young director. Similarly, actors who have worked with van Heerden (from Oscar winners and nominees to popular stars) are eager to do so again and all readily praise his collaborative, professional and compelling style. In addition to directing, van Heerden has played other significant roles. He co-produced the feature Left Behind: the Movie (2000), starring Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson, which went on to become the number-one selling independent video of 2000. He also teamed up with the Left Behind II: Tribulation Force crew as Production Supervisor and Music Supervisor and then wrote and produced Left Behind: World at War (2005) starring Academy Award® winner Louis Gossett Jr. and Kirk Cameron. In December of 2007, van Heerden moved from his position of VP of Film at Cloud Ten Pictures to become its current CEO. Van Heerden is still also responsible for acquisitions and development . Recently he produced Saving God with Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction), Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives) and Dean McDermott (Open Range) as well as wrote and directed the cutting edge documentaries Shadow Government and Dragons or Dinosaurs?Van Heerden has also written, produced and directed three seasons of a news-style TV program, and more than half a dozen other documentaries; including such stand-out projects as Vanished (1998) and Startling Proofs (1995). Van Heerden showed his aptitude for directing, a dream of his, early on. He graduated from Carleton University's prestigious School of Journalism with a combined High Honors Degree in English and Journalism. The National Film Board of Canada purchased his film thesis It's Not Just Pac-Man. Zambian-born and raised in Canada, van Heerden is a dedicated family-man and lives in the greater-Toronto area with his wife and three children. -

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SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
LINDA J BROWN - In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth -
Linda J. Brown grew up in Winter Haven, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism and Communications. She was active in campus leadership as an officer in Mortarboard, (national university women's leadership honorary); Women's Student Association, and the Blue Key Speaker's Bureau. She married a physician and raised two children, later becoming involved in the Citizen Diplomacy movement at the opening of the Soviet Union in 1990, leading a number of grassroots tours to encourage people-to-people friendship and to increase the prospects of world peace. She spent a total of eighteen months within Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Siberia. Brown was raised in the Episcopal Church, then spent thirty-three years as a member of The Baha'i Faith, resigning in 1997 to pursue her own inner spiritual life. Her first book is HEY BOOMERS, DUST OFF YOUR BACKPACKS: Travel The World On A Limited Budget ( It tells of her adventures on the around-the-world backpacking trail as she circled the globe for a year, alone, using only her social security income. She turned sixty-eight-years-old in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Brown targets the leading edge U.S. Baby Boomers, who become eligible for full-time Social Security in 2011, but really, it's a good read for anybody - traveler or not...old or not. Her extensive travels continue whenever she can find time to hoist a backpack; most recently in January, 2009, when at age seventy-two, she took four months to explore the unique spinal column formed by the Andean Mountain Chain - from Bogota, Colombia to Ushuaia, Argentian in Tierra del Fuego - from top to tip of South America. She likes to say that she performed chiropractic on the backbone of the world." To continue with stuff that's not in the book bio: Linda Brown took on the spiritual name of Linda Layli, Layli Linda when she began to communicate one-on-one with The Holy Spirit. This was before the days of making up names for internet presence and she was a tiny bit stumped when asked to create her own moniker. Then she remembered that she had been told of an earlier reincarnation where she was named Layli Gundrich... (The Holy Spirit:: "Oh My God....Layli? Is that YOU? Where have you been all this time?") It was all news to her, but she just pasted her present name of Linda onto Layli, and then couldn't decide which way she liked it best, so kept both.. So, that's what she's called by the Upstairs Gang. Though she wasn't at the time, Linda Brown is now pretty pleased that some dumb psychiatrist once slapped her with the Schizophrenic label. Ha! She showed him! But it underlines what she suspects is an all-too-common problem, though she has had no opportunity, whatsoever, to find out if this has happened to others. -

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SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
Sandra and Harry Choron have written a number of books on popular culture including The Book of Lists for Kids (1985, 1995, 2002; World Almanac, Houghton Mifflin); The Book of Lists for Teens (2002; Houghton Mifflin); College in a Can (2004; Houghton Mifflin); Planet Dog (2005; Houghton Mifflin); Planet Cat (2007; Houghton Mifflin); Planet Wedding (2010; Houghton Mifflin); and The Moneyphile (2011; Chronicle). Sandra is a founding editor of the music and politics monthly newsletter Rock & Rap Confidential, now in its twentieth year. She has worked in every phase of book publishing since 1972 and has taught book publishing on the college level. Harry is a graphic designer. Together they form the literary agency and book packaging company known as March Tenth. -

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