TV Networks NOT Interested in the Truth - only in Ratings.

by Gerda Boulan
Media Critic

TV networks in the United States and Canada are not interested in presenting the truth when it comes to the paranormal. They thrive on sensationalism, special effects, embellishments of the facts, creating their own facts, the audience hunger for the strange and the bizarre,- something that they can feed you, the public and make a killing at in ratings.

Now in the new media age of HD Digital cameras, broadcast networks are spending less and less for the quality of paranormal television series that the audience is subjected to at an unprecedented rate on North America TV.

The network big wigs in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto sit in their corporate offices dictating to producers their demands, including that they produce the pitched show at their own expense, and only after they view the show, will the network decide whether they will spend money on it or not.

The days of high end, high quality productions like “The ‘X’ Files” are making space for the less expensive HD Digital productions that new media producers are flocking to broadcast networks with - all in the hopes of getting a broadcast licence for their show.

Not unlike blogtalk audio (which internet audio entertainers call “radio”) there is no shortage of poor quality so called shows.

The challenge lies within the product itself, which can be witnessed by anyone with a grasp of reality, cannot be found anywhere in the new digital media. It’s all BULLSH*T!

Let’s face it. The “true” broadcast industry has been bastardized by anyone who has a digital camera, audio equipment, computer and link to the internet.

Put the “real” back into so-called paranormal reality shows by using seasoned professionals instead of giggly-moronic, self proclaimed experts / actors (?) who send their trash to our TV sets and computers. []

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