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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
BRIAN DAVID ANDERSEN - Part II - "My God I'm Hit! - A Sherlock Holmes Approach To The Kennedy Incident on Elm Street - For 47 years researches have investigated the pieces of the Kennedy jigsaw puzzle related to the incident on Elm Street from the straight, standard and narrow perspective that a murder by gunfire took place. However, the pieces of the murder by gunfire approach cannot (and will never) fit together as the completed puzzle/solid unit that would enable readers to form logical conclusions and answer endless questions that surface with each. Brian David Andersen is the first investigator to successfully assemble a majority of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle related to Kennedy incident on Elm Street so that individuals can formulate his/her own logical but very astounding conclusions and answers. The first portion of the text is written by Andersen. The second portion of the book includes the fascinating testimonies of the key participants -- Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, Dr. Charles Baxter M.D. and Abraham Zapruder to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Warren Commission. Andersen's evidence and the key testimonies included in the 340 page hardbound and soft bound book feature numerous illustrations and photographs. Andersen's book provides the proper pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so readers have the components, information and awareness to make logical conclusions and formulate sensible answers. The author places the reader in the position of a juror as he assembles and presents the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle from the diagonal rather than from the straight, standard and narrow perspective. The author requests the juror, you the reader, to sustain or revoke the death certificate (of John Fitzgerald Kennedy) after he presents the compelling and indisputable evidence in the "lawsuit"/book. At places the author / Plaintiff expresses his discoveries, opinions and conclusions with light humor and other places he pounds the reader with unambiguous, harsh and numbing realities. The Rosetta Stone of the Kennedy incident on Elm Street is the diary of eye-witness June Dishong. Her simple, heart-felt, shocking and honest words will rock the reader's world to the very core. Although he did not know it at that time, Andersen began gathering his peripheral and hardcore evidence at age 11 during the shocking afternoon of November 22, 1963. "My God, I'm Hit!" is based upon the 44 year Odyssey of Brian David Andersen who spent his childhood and teenage years in the suburb of Dallas called Irving. The book details how he was inadvertently and purposely exposed to hidden evidence and aspects of the Kennedy incident on Elm Street from various sources. Andersen did not seek-out but was informed in detail how the body that rolled into the emergency room really died due to his being a neighbour and an employee of a Parkland Hospital attending surgeon. Andersen relates how and why the medical doctor emphatically, shockingly and forcefully halted all life saving procedures on the near lifeless body that was removed from the Kennedy Presidential limousine. This revelation was one of countless off-the-wall and unexpected exposures and experiences for Andersen over the past 44 years. In conclusion the thrust of "My God, I'm Hit!" is summarized by a quote from the book: "Whether you like it or not here comes the loaded, hard and heavy paradigm shift train so either hop on for a wild new ride or get run over while your heart and head remain buried underneath the rails." - www.mygodimhit.com

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SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
SHOSHANNA ALLISON - Remembering Robert W Ghostwolf - For 35 years, Shoshanna Allison travelled the US on spiritual missions - which brought her to New Mexico with Robert Ghost Wolf. She became 'internet savvy' early and in 1996 became involved with the Anti-Aspartame movement, warning people of the dangers of putting chemicals in their bodies.....This effort expanded to warning the public about MSG, Fluoride, Vaccines, Genetically Modified Foods and a myriad of other toxic substances. In her travels she became involved with Native Americans and was trained in ceremony and beliefs by Elders of several tribes - which put her in perfect step to understand the teachings of Robert Ghost Wolf......whose work she is still bringing to the public. She now lives in the Mid-West with her 3 dogs and a very busy computer! - www.robertghostwolf.com and www.wolflodge.org

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SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
BETTY BIVAND AND JEFF - Ghost Eliminators - Betty is one of the co-founders of Ghost Eliminators. Betty since the early age of 7 has had the gift to see and hear spirit on the astral plane. Her guide came to her at that time and told her that she had a light that the spirits wanted and needed. At that age she could not comprehend what she was suppose to do. Betty came to the realization in her teenage years that she was different from others around her. At the age of 28 Betty created Ghost Eliminators, which helped people understand and rescue spirits that were stuck. Betty also can see other people's guides but she cannot hear the guides. This is where her guide steps in. Chahielia her spirit guide will relay what the guides are saying to her. Betty also does Shiatsu therapy, crystal therapy, elixirs for health issues, author of 6 published books, columnist for HWS magazine, speaker at seminars, chakra healing, colour therapy, nationally broadcasted interview with @issue with Arlene Bynon, specialist in demonology with over 30 years experience and private readings. Betty brings much knowledge and experience to her mission of helping people. She is an indigo with great empathy for the human race. Betty is always willing to put herself out there if it will be a positive effect on others in some way. Betty works with Jeff who is a channeler. Jeff has worked with Betty for 17 years and together they are a force to be reckoned with. The fight against the dark entities of this world is their top priority. Betty has created a website to share some of her knowledge (www.healing-crystals.ca). On the website there is a link to Orb pictures that the Ghost Eliminators have taken in the past 12 years. Many are very interesting and can be viewed with explanations of what was happening during the clearing. Betty & Jeff have done 5 episodes with the hit T.V series History of a haunting. Betty also has a vast resource of gifted healers and mediums. She is always referring people to spiritual teachers or readers so that people are not taken advantage of by fraudulent psychics that are out there taking an advantage of innocent people. Betty is very honest and straight forward with the fraud she sees in the world pertaining to psychics. She has written articles to tell people how to choose a psychic. - www.healingcrystals.ca

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SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
DR. WILLIAM SCHNEID, PhD - Oregon Terrorist Plot, Wiki Leaks and National Security, Tunneling between Mexico and California in the Narcotic Trade - A used toner cartridge could easily be modified into a bomb, a printer expert told FoxNews.com, underscoring fears that a mysterious object discovered in an air cargo shipment making its way from Yemen to the U.S. was intended as a terrorist attack. Federal authorities shepherded airplanes into New York's JFK and investigated suspicious packages on UPS planes at two U.S. airports in response to the discovery of suspicious packages found Thursday night in Dubai and England. One of the packages contained an object described as a clear cartridge with wires coming out, and authorities speculated that it could be a toner cartridge that had been manipulated. John Shane, an expert on all things printers, agreed. - www.worldfind.biz

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