The Dire Saga by DavidHartwell - Trailer

Warning! The Dire Saga is a finely crafted book of action, adventure, sorcery, love found and love lost. Betrayal and loyalty are woven into these exciting pages which focus on Magnus, the hero, who lost himself and rediscovered himself as he engages with the forces of good and evil. Love and compassion touch Magnus╩╗ cold, warrior heart and he finds himself thrown into a maze of incredible experiences! He battles evil beings, uses sorcery and fights against it. Magnus shows us his world and we can only be moved by the humanity in this noble man from realms seen only by the author of this book now generously shared with us mere mortals!

Can Magnus world and love be saved or is his valiant quest for naught? Questions such as, “What is evil? What is good?” are asked and answered within this compelling saga.

The first book in the series entitled, The Dire Saga, will bring you into realms rich with emotional depth and breathtaking scenery. You will ask yourself where this author has been and why he could not have arrived earlier in your life to be your guide through the difficult arenas of life, love, evil and good! Attempting to put this book down will be impossible to do so do not begin this delightful, thought provoking tome until you have time to read it from beginning to end!

When you read the last page of this book filled with well-developed characters and thought provoking concepts, you will be desperate to read the next book in the series. That is a promise!

The Dire Saga, a book written in a refreshingly direct, eloquent manner, is for anyone who dares to allow themselves to be taken on an adventure into realms rarely visited with such integrity and a relentless pursuit of the heart of the sentient being.

Read The Dire Saga and be taken into a realm where you!

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