Help Stop Child Internet Sex Crimes!

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Child Safe Nation is conducting a nation-wide citizen action campaign to pressure the Canadian government to take action to protect children from sex predators. CSN is requesting tougher laws to protect children, deter pedophiles and achieve justice for victims. Presently Canada has a reputation as a safe haven for pedophiles. THIS MUST CHANGE

We must remember that those that possess child sexual abuse images prolong the abuse of these children. They should be held just as responsible as the front line abuser. Man get 4 months for procession

Three stories related to Child Sexual Abuse Materials in Canada alone from the week of May 30th

Youth mentor convicted of child porn

Moncton man denied bail in child porn case

Plea expected in child porn case

The media and RCMP is way ahead of the government when it comes to calling “Child Porn” what it really is. Child Abuse Materials.

Thank you 'X' Zone Nation for taking the time to read these news stories and viewing the above Public Service Announcement.

Please send this link to all your family, friends, associates, educators, government officials, no matter where they live.

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