The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper for December 2010 Is Now Available Here!

Your Complimentary Media December 2010 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper is NOW Available To Read The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper on Line, go to

These are just SOME of the stories and articles in the December Edition of

Page 01: Crimes Against Humanity at NSH
Page 03: Mercury Is In Retrograde
Page 04: Searching For The Truth
Page 05: Big Brother Is Watching
Page 06: Ufologist Stanley Fulham Dies
Page 07: Your Physical & Spiritual Health
Page 08: Prominent Canadians Who Died 2010
Page 10: Tees and the Dangers of Texting
Page 11: 2010 in Review
Page 12: Was the Star of Bethlehem a UFO?
Page 13: Dr Nance MacLeod - 2011 Events
Page 15: Amazing Historical Facts
Page 16: Backcasting Into The Future
Page 18: 2010 A Big Year For UFOs
Page 19: From The 'X' Zone Newsroom
Page 21: Haunted Cemeteries in Pearl River Co
Page 24: The US?In Bible Prophecy
Page 25: Common Myths About Diabetes
Page 26: Life After Religion
Page 27: From Websites to Peace of Mind
Page 28: Bizarre News
Page 30: Is 2012 The End?
Page 31: Astrology for January 2011
Page 33: The Genesis Grid
Page 34: Muslim, Christian and Jew
Page 36: Real-Life UFOs
Page 39: Snippets from the Trenches
Page 41: Visions of Reality
Page 42: 2012 Alien Invasion? Um... No!
Page 44: The Exodus Revelation
Page 45: UFO Matrix
Page 46: Sorry! There Is No Afterlife
Page 47: Secrets of an Immortal
Page 48:

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