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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
GEORGE GREEN - The Aliens Are Here! - UFO sightings are frequently reported, but how many people can actually say they regularly communicate with "space beings." George has made an agreement to publish the extraterrestrial information to "awaken" us earthlings so we may all be in contact (those that choose to be). George will discuss how and when he saw his first spacecraft, subsequent investigation and how things began to "happen" in his life. * How Earth began as a "prison planet" - a penal colony for the universe. * Why the latest "Star Trek" movie parallels the aliens urgent message to Earth. * An overview of how you can be part of the solution to the "happenings" on the planet. * The 300 most powerful people who control every major decision on Earth. * An incredible slide show of close-up pictures of several "beamships" and pictures of our space brothers/sisters (who live to be 1000 years old). * The Plan 2000 (The PLAN TO BEGIN WWIII) and how that will act upon your lives. * BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND PROTECTION. * The planned financial collapse and what you can do about it. CREDENTIALS: A former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher. A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He is Publisher of "Handbook for the New Paradigm" written by the ET's. Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy. He is President of Global Insights, Inc. George Green has spoken to 1000s of people through his lectures and has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV shows telling his story.

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SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
ALEXANDRA HOLZER - Paranormal Investigations - Alexandra Holzer is a member of the SCBWI Organization,, and Her father is the original ghost hunter, published Author Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D of 163 plus titles in the genres of parapsychology, the supernatural, religion and healing. Most famous for "Amityville Horror: The Possession", "Ghosts", "America's Haunted Houses" and most recently "The Journey of the Magi" and "Murder in Amityville: Fact or Fiction". While raising four incredible children, she wrote children's short stories, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, screenplays and supernatural horror thrillers. Alexandra's new book 'Lady Ambrosia' has been Field Nominated for the Printz Award for Young Adult Literature by the American Library Association.

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SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
RUTH HOSKINS - Dream Incubation - Ruth Hoskins, Ph.D., H.H.S. (Holistic Health Sciences) LCSW, BCD, founder of the Psychology of Balance Wellness Programs and Effortless Meditation Therapy (EMT) in Philadelphia, is the Director of Relaxation International. She is recognized in the 2005 National Register's of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals. An adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College teaching Health Psychology, The Mind Body Connection. Ruth earned her Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences and completed research on Dream Incubation, the ability to solve problems during sleep. A trainer for Fortune 500 companies, licensed clinical social worker, stress management consultant, certified relationships counselor, and approved critical incident stress trainer, Ruth is a National speaker presenting information on mind-body health. She is the author several products to enhance one's mood including, No Time for Down Time? Balance your life, And Dream Moments, The Voice in Your Dreams Prophecy and Intuition. She is the producer of audio Easy Stress Solutions for You, Wholeness Words Guided Visualization, and Active Relaxation. Ruth is available to speak nationwide.

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SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
JESSE KALSI - Astro Numerology - Jesse Kalsi graduated from the National Defense Academy of India and pursued advanced studies at the Indian Military Academy. He served as a Captain in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Gurkha Rifles, formerly called "The Queen's Own." Intending to devote his life to military affairs, Jesse left the army when he was informed of his true life purpose while posted at the Jammu-Kashmir frontier. He originally came to the U.S. to learn to fly, but eventually returned here to make his home in California. Jesse Kalsi is a world-renowned numerologist and healer. He specializes in residential and business numerology and provides valuable insight on the power of numbers and how they affect our lives. His mission is to promote harmony and prosperity in the world. In his work, he combines his Eastern upbringing with his Western experience to bring awareness and understanding. Over the past 15 years, Jesse has consulted hundreds of people and affected their lives positively. His clients include prominent business people and extremely successful communication and entertainment companies. Jesse Kalsi has appeared on many radio and television shows in the U.S., and his unique perspective on Numerology has amazed his audience. A successful real estate broker by trade, Jesse Kalsi is also a Certified Flight Instructor and holds a commercial pilot's license. He received his Bachelor's Degree in India and holds an LLM in International Legal Studies from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. Jesse lives in Northern California with his wife Karen, daughter Amrita, and son Eshan. Jesse Kalsi, a numerologist and real estate broker in Newark, California, has created a unique version of Eastern Numerology that has helped hundreds of people improve their lives. Jesse's unique perspective on Numerology has amazed his audience. Many say that he heals through his numbers.

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