The December 2010 Edition of THE MEDIA POOL Publication Is Here!

Your December 2010 Edition of THE MEDIA POOL Publication Is Here!

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In The December 2010 Edition of THE MEDIA POOL:

Page 02: CHRISSIE BLAZE - Astrologer & Author.
Page 03: JAMES GOI JR. - The Mind Power Expert.
Page 04: ELIZABETH JOYCE - Psychic, Astrologer, Spiritual Counsellor, Reconnection Healer.
Page 05: JORDAN FARKAS - Lawyer - Mr. Small Claims Court.
Page 06: EUGENE CROWLEY - Author - UpSide Down World: The Loss of the Sacred Cosmos
Page 07: NORA GRANCICH - Mortgage Specialist.
Page 08: DR THIENNA HO, PhD - Cooking on the Light Side.
Page 09: DR. SUSAN E KOLB, MD, FACS - The Naked Truth About Breast Implants.
Page 10: KAREN NOE - Author, Psychic Medium, Teacher of Metaphysics, Alternative.
Page 11: KATHLEEN O'BANNON, CNC - Nutritionist / Author - Health Alive!
Page 12: DR. DONALD PET, MD - A New Way Of Thinking
Page 13: UFO MATRIX - A New British Magazine
Page 14: ROBERT W MORGAN - Citizen Spy: The Vatican Cover-Up: The Mob, Money-Laundering and Murder.
Page 15: HASSAN JAFFER - Celebrity Astrologer
Page 15: RICHARD MICHAEL DE ROSE - Brainwashed Are You?
Page 16: FABIO R DE ARAUJO - 2012: The Year of Changes
Page 17: THOMAS E PIERCE - The Last Rose: A True Celebration of Eternal Life.
Page 18: DR DAVID LIEPERT, MD - Muslim, Christian & Jew: Finding A Path To Peace Our Faiths Can Share.
Page 19: FREDA WAGMAN - Snippets From The Trenches: A Mother's AIDS Memoir
Page 20: DOUG ELWELL - First Coming
Page 21: DOUG ELWELL - The Exodus Revelation
Page 22: MIKE M JOSEPH - Sorry! There Is No Afterlife: None - Goes To Heaven or Hell
Page 23:?BEN ABBA - Secrets of an Immortal
Page 24: MATTHEW STEIN - When Technology Fails
Page 25: NIGEL KERNER - Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls
Page 26: DR WILLIAM SCHNEID, PhD - Criminologist / Criminal Profiler / Terrorism Specialist
Page 27: MICHAEL STEEN - Celebrity Death Certificates
Page 28: ROB McCONNELL - Host of The 'X' Zone Radio Show
Page 29: RICHARD MICHAEL DE ROSE - Brainwashed Are You?
Page 30: JULIE ANN WEINSTEIN - Flashes From The Other World
Page 31: SHIRLEY GREEN - Professional Organizer
Page 32: KEITH KORNELL - Super Born: Seduction of Being
Page 33: ELLEN HARTWELL - Psychic
Page 34: MYRNA LOU - Palmist, Soul Mate Specialist

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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