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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
SHIRLEY GREEN - Pro Organizer - Shirley is a native of the Denver, CO area. She has lived in the area all of her life except for 9 months. Shirley has been an organized person back as far as she can remember into her childhood. Shirley began her professional career as a Police Dispatcher where the organization skills were put to the test each shift. After the Police Dept Shirley found herself starting a 25 year career with the local telephone company who went thru 3 names while she was employed with them. Mountain Bell - U S West - Qwest Communications. The majority of the 25 years was spent in what is now known as the IT arena. Both as non-management and management Shirley's duties dealt mainly with Disaster/Recovery within a Regional Data Center in the Denver area. Like many companies, layoffs were plentiful as the company was taken down by the CEO. Also during the majority of the 25 year career with Qwest, Shirley was primary caregiver for her late Mother. After life began to "settle" somewhat...Shirley gave a great deal of thought to the many suggestions made that she should start a business based on what she did for her Mother. After all, she enjoyed what she did and was enjoying what she was doing for her Mother. Originally, there was just the 2 products...the PINK SHEET and the Personal Paper Tracking System (home/office inventory). Eventually, Shirley finished the book she was also encouraged to write and it is now found on the website: (Diary of a Lay Caregiver). In this book, Shirley wanted to share that being a caregiver can have its UP's and DOWN's...BUT it is all NOT DOOM and GLOOM! In 2004 Shirley decided to full-fill a long time dream of where it was warm year round, work for Disney and run her home-business. June 2004 Shirley moved from Westminster, Colorado to the Orlando, Florida area. 2004 was a BAD hurricane year! From 13 Aug 2004 - 25 Sept 2004, 4 MAJOR hurricanes went thru the area where Shirley was....the biggest portion of her personal and business possessions were destroyed. No matter how well one is cannot organize TOTALLY against such a disaster. With no place to live, Shirley was forced to flee her long time dream. She did NOT want to return to the cold/snow of Colorado thus headed for Las Vegas, NV...BIG MISTAKE, more devastation occurred there. Finally, after 5 months...Shirley returned to the Denver metro area where she remains today....still struggling to rebuild her shattered life. Shirley continues to help others the best she can by donating time to speak about "role-reversal" and/or organizing. Shirley was blessed to be a volunteer for an Extreme Makeover Home Edition (2007) build about 90 mins South of where she lives. Being able to help "complete" strangers was one of the most heartwarming experiences she has been a part of. -

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SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
SHELLY CAMPBELL-HARLEY - Miracles and Being Pulled from Deaths Door - Shelly is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is living the 'abundant life' with her two awesome children and grandson, in radiant Southern California! Shelly is a former educator who now spends her time writing, reading, creating, and enjoying time with her family. She has written five children's books, numerous articles, and is currently working on several projects, including an eBook coming out in June, 2010. -

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SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
WILLIAM MURTHA - Dying For A Change - William Murtha is a writer, philanthropist and activist for issues related to personal, social and global transformation. The father of three daughters, he lives close to the coast in Devon, a UK county on the western fringes of Britain. He is a speaker and co-ordinator for the South-West region of British based Scientific and Medical Network, a forum which explores the frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality. To read (free) preview chapters of his first published book, Dying for a Change, go to: . William Murtha's gripping talk, Dying for a Change, based on the book and true account about his fight to survive hypothermia in the freezing cold waters off the coast of Britain, will astound and astonish. At a crucial time when his life was rapidly spiralling out of control, William was swept off his push-bike and out to sea by a twenty-foot freak wave. Drowning, losing consciousness and convinced that this was the end, he relived many pivotal moments from his past and experienced a life-changing conversation with a Higher Presence. William's compelling talk will inspire those attending to come face-to-face with their deepest fears about death and dying, and it challenges perceptions about emotions, life, God, miracles and why we are here. He will also share how a one in a billion miracle, (which was featured on the BBC's 999 TV series with Michael Burke), saved his life.

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SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
SKIP ATWATER - Director of Research - The Monroe Institute - In the midst of the Cold War both the Soviets and the Americans employed psychics to spy on each other's activities. These were the so-called remote viewers. Both the CIA and the US Army conducted remote viewing intelligence programs. The US Army's program, known by the code name Star Gate, was initiated in the late 1970's by the gifted natural psychic, Skip Atwater. For ten years Skip was the Operations and Training Officer during which time he recruited and trained an elite group of professional remote viewers, through whom he conducted thousands of intelligence-collection missions. Skip inevitably came into contact with Robert Monroe, the founder of The Monroe Institute. The Monroe Institute dedicates itself to the transformation of human consciousness. A major constituent of this transformation process is in part accomplished through the application of Hemi-Sync technology. The Hemi-Sync is perhaps best known for its capacity to induce an OOBE (Out Of Body Experience), otherwise known as astral projection. More information on the Monroe Institute can be found at

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