According to UFOlogist Dave Aaron, "Television Show "Friends" And "Ugly Betty" End UFO Government Cover-Up"

The Following is exactly how The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show Recieved This Letter From . Mr. Dave Aaron on Monday, August 22 2011


22 JUNE 2011. Contact Mr. Dave, PO BOX 432, YUCAIPA, CA 92399

What you are about to read only covers 10% of this entire case. If your media outlet is not controlled by the government agencies, read this entire letter. You cover the BAFT CASE. The Anthony Weiner Case (Rep-NY). You cower from UFO government lies? This case must be told completely and fully.

At 12.13 AM on 24, May 2011 one female aged 63 by the name of Sherry Christian was found deceased and brought into the San Bernardino Counties Coroners. (State of California.) Phone 909-387-2978. Mrs. Christian was the guardian of the world's largest UFO Audio & Video Library.

She watched over this incredible history of the UFO cover up until WELLS FARGO BANK came and destroyed the entire audio library, despite repeated calls and personal contact with SANDRA ROMERO of WELLS FARGO BANK (PH) (909) 217-1422. The Calimesa and Yucaipa, Ca Sheriffs office as well as Code Enforcement for the City of Calimesa (PH 909 795-9801) Mrs. Torri Breaksfield. (All parties stated the tapes as being safe!)

Lost forever on audiotape over 1,500 UFO cases, including all the NICAP interviews with witnesses.

Including the only known recordings of the below.

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