The January 2011 Edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper Is Here!

The January 2011 Edition of The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is now available at

These are just SOME of the stories and articles in this edition of

Page 01: Psychics Missed Another World Changing Event
Page 04: Theories: The Sphinx & Pyramids of Giza
Page 06: Crash Goes the Del Rio UFO Crash
Page 08: Crash:When UFOs Fall from the Sky
Page 09: What Really Happened in the Gulf War
Page 13: Dr. Nance MacLeod - 2011 Events
Page 17: Robert W Morgan - Citizen Spy
Page 18: Depleted Uranium Illegal
Page 19: Horros of Depleted Uranium
Page 20: Is The Patterson Film Too Good A Hoax?
Page 25: Chimpanzees and Romans - Why Both Make War
Page 26: Life After Religion
Page 28: UFO Sightings Not On WikiLeaks
Page 31: UFO Over Jerusalem
Page 32: Planet X - The Sign of the Son of Man And the End of the Age
Page 33: The Genesis Grid
Page 34: From The ‘X’ Zone Newsroom
Page 36: Apocalypse Not Happening in 2012
Page 37: Preparing for Doomsday
Page 39: Youngest Person to Discover a Super Nova is Canadian
Page 40: Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide
Page 43: The Near-Death Experience and the ET Connection
Page 44: The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show

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