Saturday, February 5 2011: From The 'X' Zone Radio Show Vault - February 2009

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MARK AMARU PINKHAM - Knights Templar and the North American Grand Prior - Mark Pinkham is a Knight Templar and the North American Grand Prior to the International Order of Gnostic Templars ( He is also the author of numerous books on the world's mystery traditions including The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Guardians of The Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life. Mark travels the world while giving seminars and doing research into the mysteries of the Knights Templar.

DR. CHRIS HUMPHREY - From UFOs to Forbidden Science - Chris Humphrey, Ph.D has Degrees in Physics from Oberlin and Philosophy Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Seattle, July 1967. Dr Humphrey spent 10 years in academia, at USC, Kansas State and Oklahoma State, 20 years in Computer Science. Retired early at 55 to devote himself full time to philosophy and physics. Dr Humphrey is the author of Books Whole Earth Inner Space, 1973; Revelations of the Nameless One, 1982; A Science of Civilization, 2002; Jumping Light-years, 2003, UFOs, PSI and Spiritual Evolution, 2004.

DAVID KING - Finding Atlantis - David King is the author of the acclaimed Vienna 1814 and Finding Atlantis, which was a Main Selection for the Book-of-the-Month Club and has been translated into several foreign languages. A Fulbright Scholar with a master's degree from Cambridge University, he taught European history at the University of Kentucky for several years. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife and children.

NICK POPE - The British UFO X-Files - Nick Pope used to run the British Government's UFO project at the Ministry of Defense. Initially skeptical, his research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon and access to formerly classified government files on the subject soon convinced him that the phenomenon raised important defense and national security issues, especially when the witnesses were military pilots or where UFOs were tracked on radar. Nick also looked into other mysteries such as alien abductions, crop circles and ghosts. He now continues his research in a private capacity and is recognized as a leading authority on UFOs and the unexplained. He does extensive media work, lectures all around the world and has acted as consultant on numerous television documentaries.

JEFF PECKHAM - Extraterrestrials Affairs Commission - Jeff Peckman is the Director of the EXTRA Campaign ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver, Colorado. He is currently on the Board of The institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations. Jeff also writes a top ranked column for as the Denver UFO Examiner and has proposed a White House Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. Several of Jeff's innovative ballot initiatives have attracted nationally and international media attention. Besides his grassroots strategies for getting information to the masses, Jeff also promotes Metatron Technology at and was instrumental in creating the Metatron Cosmic Peace Program.

MIKE ORAM - Does It Rain In Other Dimensions? - Mike is an award-winning landscape photographer, song writer and musician. He is also an experienced lecturer and story-teller and one of his radio interviews is now one of the most requested tapes for Local and Hospital Radio in the UK. Mike is the originator, co-creator and writer of the British strip cartoon: Ben's World and, most recently, Mike has written and recorded two Ben's World music CDs, which include songs and stories. His book, 'Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?' is written from the perspective of a lifetime of personal experience with visitors from off-world, both as an investigator and as a contactee. This book offers a retrospective and a current look at the alien abduction scenario and includes the author's amazing abduction incident at Area 51, Nevada, and DNA symbols for consciousness change, given to him by Light Beings.

PHILIP COPPENS - Servants of the Grail - Philip Coppens is an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He is the editor-in-chief of the Dutch magazine Frontier, as well as a frequent contributor to Nexus Magazine and New Dawn Magazine. Since 1995, he has lectured extensively, across the world. He is the author of The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel, The Canopus Revelation, Land of the Gods, The New Pyramid Age and Servants of the Grail.

JOAN OCEAN - Personally Knows a Bigfoot Family of 33 - The founder of Dolphin Connection International, Joan Ocean is a researcher and world-renowned speaker on the subject of free-swimming dolphins and whales. An author and video producer, Joan's internationally acclaimed books have been published in more than ten languages. Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living and Dolphins into The Future.


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