The 'X' Zone Radio Show Top 50 Podcast Download List for 2010

The 'X' Zone Radio Show Top 50 Podcast Download List for 2010 Below are the TOP 50 guests who have been on The 'X' Zone Radio Show who had the most podcast downloads for 2010 as registered at our Apple iTunes Store.

The total number of guests for 2010 were 1,283 guests over 364 days of broadcasting in 2010.

The total number of podcast downloads for 2010 were 602,080 for an average of 50,173 downloads per month. Statistically it has been established that for every podcast that is downloaded, it is listened to a minimum of 4 times by the person who downloaded it.

Please note that the above figures do not reflect the downloads that are done through the various iPod Networks that The 'X' Zone Radio Show is available on, as well as the figures of podcasts that are sent from one person to another or downloaded from a guest website.

CONGRATULATIONS To The Top 50 and Thank You to all the guests... the 3,248 guests that have been interviewed on The 'X' Zone Radio Show.

1. Dr. William Schneid
2. Elizabeth Joyce
3. Brian David Anderson
4. Pastor Harry Walther
5. L A Marzulli
6. Mitch Battros
7. Robert W Morgan
8. Philip Imbrogno
9. Howard Bloom
10. Mike M. Joseph
11. Dr. Nance MacLeod
12. Dr. Shelley Kaehr
13. Michael Horn
14. Dr. Kevin Randle
15. Jeff Knott
16. Patrick Cooke
17. E P Grondine
18. Acharya S
19. Travis Walton
20. George Green
21. J Allan Danelek
22. William J Federer
23. Andre van Heerden
24. Tara Greene
25. Bob Thiel
26. Stephen Bassett
27. Dennis Balthaser
28. Annette Martin
29. Dr. Seth Shostak
30. Derrel Sims
31. Marie D Jones
32. Ben Abba
33. Eric Stearnes
34. Richard P. Jackson
35. Stan Romanek
36. Eric Altman
37. Joye Pugh
38. Dr. Nick Begich
39. Ralph Ellis
40. Malcolm J Brenner
41. David Icke
42. Bishop Mehran Saam
43. Amethyst Wyldfyre
44. Bill Bean
45. Douglas James Cottrell
46. David J Pitkin
47. Dr. David Gruder
48. Jim Moroney
49. Dr. William Buhlman
50. Peter Woolford


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