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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
Speaker, Mind-Power Coach, and the Author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. - His book presents timeless metaphysical secrets in plain language so readers can learn to attract all the money they want by properly directing the awesome force of their own minds. Since 1978, James has read hundreds of books in an effort to understand the laws of life. He has spent decades pondering principles, testing techniques, and observing results. He has lectured on mind power, metaphysics, and spirituality. James lives what he teaches, and he loves to share what he knows. He publishes the free monthly "Mind Power & Money Ezine." For further information, visit

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
"The Inner Power Doctor" - is a metaphysician as well as a holistic personal growth and goal achievement expert. Her work combines a unique blend of eastern, western and indigenous techniques, including energy medicine, martial arts, and meditation. Dr. M holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and is pursuing a second Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology. She is the author of The Inner Power Workbook; the Outrageous Growth & Success video, and the free inspirational e-book Stacey's Story. She is also the spiritual director of the Inner Life Society, a non-profit spiritual development organization headquartered in New York City that also provides online training. Dr. M began having psychic and paranormal experiences in childhood, which eventually lead her to become a professional psychic in the late eighties. A strange experience lead her to her first spiritual teacher who trained her in deeper techniques of healing, meditation and working with energy. Those experiences also exposed Dr. M to other cosmic and mystical phenomena, including encounters with UFOs. Dr. M's current training includes studying in a mystery school and working with indigenous master shamans in Peru. Dr. M trains facilitators, entrepreneurs, and other leaders to use the holistic and metaphysical principles to create balance, success and growth in their lives and in the lives of others. She also develops and facilitates innovate adult, corporate and youth programs she is the creator of the Inner Power Mapping technique and the InnerPowerment process, a unique and alchemical process for growth and transformation. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
Did Extraterrestrials Create the Maya Calendar? - Thomas Razzeto has a degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in computer programming. This education also provided a solid background in science including physics and chemistry. About 3 years ago, Thomas became interested in 2012 after attending a public lecture about science and myth. As part of the lecture, the topic of 2012 was presented but not in a very clear way. He started to do his own research and quickly found the work of John Major Jenkins and the galactic alignment. But this galactic alignment already happened in 1998 so Thomas spent months digging and search for the real reason that the Maya picked the exact day of the winter solstice of 2012. After 2 years of research and contemplation, Thomas wrote a book titled: Mystical 2012: Did the Maya Shamans Discover a Mystical View of Reality? and

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
MATTHEW STEIN - When Technology Fails -
Matthew Stein is the author of the highly praised book When Technology Fails (Chelsea Green 2008) a comprehensive manual on sustainable living skills. As the owner of Stein Design & Construction, he has built hurricane resistant, energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes. The mechanical engineering side of his firm specializes in product design and development. Among other things, Mat has designed consumer water filtration devices, photovoltaic roofing panels, medical bacteriological filters, emergency chemical drench systems, computer disk drives, and portable fiberglass buildings. Stein is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He is an active mountain climber and serves as a guide and instructor for blind skiers with the Ski for Light cross-country program. Stein currently resides with his wife Josie in the High Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California. -


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