Dave Aaron's Letter to Stanton Friedman re The Secret of UFO Propulsion Revealed

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Mr. Stanton Friedman
PO Box 958
Houlton, Me 04730-0958

Dear Stanton Friedman:

First let me thank you for all the years of VERY hard work you put into uncovering the UFO cover-up.

I met you years ago, long before I created the UFO AUDIO-VIDEO CLEARINGHOUSE. Long before the VCR or camcorder was invented. I think this would have been around 1962-1963? This was at Mt Sac. (Mt. San Antonio College located in Walnut, California. Than years later in 1994 Chuck Harder* did his UFO FALL UPDATE 1994. I was in California and you were in Chucks Florida studios. If you cannot recall this broadcast, along with Mark Center and I, a DVD is Available. (*Centered around the Alien Autopsy.)

“I HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, WHICH WILL END THE UFO COVER UP!” No doubt as what the video shows! NONE!

In quoting your own words “Don’t bother me with the facts; my mind is made up” When Larry King did his show from Rachel Nevada, you stated that the works of BOB LAZAR were most likely untrue.

Please put aside any prejudices you may have with Mr. Lazar’s works and read each and every word you’re about to see in this letter. I cannot expose the cover up without the help of many in the scientific end of the UFO phenomena. This videotape needs to be shows on every television station in the world. How does one go about that? What contact do you have that you can help me with to get this new information out?

I do not have to go into a long dissertation with you regarding Mr. Lazars Statements. Stick with me Stanton! There is more than meets the eye re Lazar.

Bob Lazar’s video came out in 1991. (BOB LAZAR AND EXCERPTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT BIBLE.) You know that Mr. Lazar stated that a large gravitational & anti matter field around a UFO craft would render it just about totally invisible, because the gravitational field generated around the UFO would be so powerful that it would even bend the light waves around the craft, perhaps “absorb” might be a better world. In any case Mr. Lazar once again stated that this would make the craft invisible because no light waves would be reaching our eyes.

In 1995 I received a call from Mr. Todd Stevens. If the name does not ring a bell, Todd Stevens is the producer of NBC’s smash hit FRIENDS now in worldwide television syndication.

Mr. Stevens was also just starting a new TV show called WEIRD TV. Where he was the executive producer. Beside my own personal UFO clips that were aired on my section, “VIDEO DAVE’S UFO CLIP OF THE WEEK”, We also asked viewers of the show to send in their own UFO video footage that they may have taken and would share with other on this show.

In 1995 Co-producer Author Maturo & Todd Stevens called me into the video editing room and played a videotape that came in from one of our TV viewers.

Author & Todd asked me what this clip was or what it was showing?

Having never seen a UFO video like this, I had no idea, even when we ran this videotape on the program, I mentioned that it might be “*Angel Hair” Yet I was just as stumped as the “GOOD OLD SOUTHERN BOYS” who shot this incredible videotape, (*Angel Hair drops to the ground.)

It was years later that I finally had a chance to watch the Bob Lazar pre recorded tape.

How could Bob Lazar describe exactly what an anti gravity field around a UFO would look like in 1991 unless he was telling the truth?

There is no way possible that he would know that in 1995 a UFO video clip would be mailed to our TV show, exactly as he described it in 1991. As intelligent as both Bob Lazar and you are, the one thing you both cannot do is predict the future.

When I finally watch the Bob Lazar VHS tape, I noticed that he mentions an anti gravity field around a UFO would render it invisible, and that’s what I have Stanton. A videotape which shows exactly that! A flying “saucer shaped” object 92% invisible.

From this clip, I made a DVD called “THE SECRETS OF UFO ALIEN PROPULSION” I know that there have been many books written about how UFOs “FLY”. However in my case not only do we have Mr. Lazars scientific statements, but also I have the videotape to back it up!

As you are in contact with many in the field I ask you to share this letter, even though I have done many reports on Los Angeles television in the past, now each and every VHF (So-Far) refused to broadcast this UFO video clip, perhaps it’s because we are in the midst of the Christmas and Jewish Holidays, and New Years just a week away.

You, Stanton know the crackpots better than I do, my specialty is UFO footage.

I have already been on Don Ecker’s radio show DARKMATTERS, KCAA RADIO, The Paul Lane Show in San Bernardino, Ca, as well as Rob McConnell's 'X ZONE radio show, out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and should have a show with Dr. Bob Hieronimus after the first of the year.

Yet these show do not give out the information to the millions that do not know about the videotape mentioned in this letter. If I decide to email this letter to you please share the information with others. I am looking for media contact to share this information with.

I allowed a very short portion of this clip to be used by the (Now Cancelled) TV show “STRANGE UNIVERSE”.

You can see a very small portion of this clip by going to YOUTUBE, than search Dave Aaron, (Make sure your at “UFO EVIDENCE COLLECTION, DAVE AARON.) Not the DAVE AARON, the rock and roll singer. You will know you hit the right site, if it starts out with a Fox TV news broadcast about my UFO AUDIO VIDEO CLEARING HOUSE, THIS IS FOLLOWED BY

THE “STRANGE UNIVERSE” section I did, so just keep the computer on that site. Watch carefully as I state “some people think that UFOS may use anti-gravity” there you will see the clip that I am referring to in this letter. You will see only the outline of the craft, and be able to see right through the center or body of the craft.

When our solar system started, exploding stars, planets, and other celestial items, left on the grounds of planet earth elements. Some of which are radioactive. Such as uranium, plutonium and other elements.

You will find these on the periodic chart of elements. When other solar systems were created, other elements were created, one of these elements is known as element 115-116, when element 115 is hit with protons, it converts element 115 to 116, element 116 (Which again does not exist on earth, with the exception of a few pounds that is hidden in Nevada’s area 51 and area S4 deep in the Nevada desert.

Element 116 releases small particles of anti-matter, when this anti-matter hits a grid collection plate, it converts 100% of its energy into power. The energy is than focused on anti gravity tubes that attract or repel the earth’s natural gravity waves; thus UFOS seem to “FLY” PAGE #2

Albert Einstein stated quite correctly “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.

I think that Einstein was talking about the “A” bomb and “H” bomb being able to kill just about everything on earth, thus “EXCEEDING OUR HUMANITY”.

Yet when an atom bomb explodes it only converts 10-15% of its power to energy. (IE E=mc2) the other 90% of the nuclear explosions energy is wasted, converting that matter to energy.

An anti-matter reaction would convert 100% of its matter to energy. If you convert that matter into energy it could be used for many things. What exactly our government did with that information remains unknown. An “H” bomb would destroy about 20 square miles; an antimatter bomb would destroy about 2,000-3,000 square miles.

Hence the great secret about our government keeping mum about UFOs being interplanetary spacecraft.

This UFO cover-up can now be over. I have the video that shows a UFO turning invisible. Actually what is really happening is that the antigravity field generated around the spacecraft is so powerful that it bends light waves, and if you can create a gravitation field equal to that of a black hole, you would bend the light waves that normally would be reflected back to our eyes. Hence the gravity field of a UFO is so powerful that the light waves are bent thus rendering the craft invisible. Talk and writing are easy; having the actual video of this event-taking place puts this evidence into an entirely new light.

Most Sincerely, Best way to reach me is Snail Mail* *And safest, use PO box address in Yucaipa, Ca.

2011 has a large batch of UFO related dramas coming to the big screen, including “COWBOYS Vs ALIENS“, about the first men to come across the Roswell, NM crash, this stars Harrison Ford and will be in theatres around March 2011.

Also in pre production is “THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES” this movie comes from the photo taken in 1942 or 1943 showing searchlights and AA fire of an unknown object flying above Los Angeles, during World War II.

Release date is in March 2011.

Also watch for “APOLLO 18” right around the first week of April 2011, this motion picture deals with our Apollo astronauts making contact with ETs after a moon landing.

“AREA 51” Although a little silly is about a group of teenagers who somehow get into the secret base at Groom Lake.

Although non-UFO related “ALIEN PREQUEL” will be directed by Ridley Scott, the original director of the first “ALIEN” movie.

Also “planned” is another “DISTRICT 9” Most of it’s filming will be done overseas.*

*Always keep in mind that working titles and release dates can always be changed, due to many factors in the movie industry.

Dave Aaron
PO BOX 432


I hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like to reach Dave Aaron, you can contact him via the information below

email videowaiting@aim.com
snail mail
Dave Aaron
PO BOX 432

PHONE (909) 810-3594

Any media are welcome to a free 10-30 minute screening section of the DVD THE SECRETS OF UFO ALIEN PROPULSION.


Dave Aaron

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