Fact or Fiction:The "NEW" MJ-12 Documents

FACT or FICTION : Are these documents that have been sent to The 'X' Zone Radio Show from a mysterious source whose name we are not at liberty to divulge the "Real" MJ-12 Documents? To read these documents, go to - http://www.scribd.com/full/47090212?access_key=key-1x4k84pcq9d70jz5rviv


While remote, there is a possibility that over the course of time, an artificial non-terrestrial device (henceforth known as an NTD) may crash/land on Earth, either through design or by accident. If such an eventuality should come to pass and if this crash/landing should occur within the confines of the United States or her overseas possessions, it would be desirable to recover said vehicle with all haste, both to prevent potential biological fallout and the consequences to the health and safety of the citizenry thereof, as well as to study such a device under laboratory conditions in an effort to determine its composition and inner workings, if possible. To successfully retrieve such a device in as safe and timely a manner as possible, it will be necessary that certain procedures be followed to deal with the potential consequences/hazards such an event would naturally incur. As such, the following procedures will be strictly adhered to without deviation should an NTD (or suspected NTD) crash/land in the United States.

To read the complete 32 page file that was sent to The 'X' Zone Radio Show, please go to http://www.scribd.com/full/47090212?access_key=key-1x4k84pcq9d70jz5rviv and then tell us if this is FACT or FICTION at factorfiction@xzoneradiotv.com.

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