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SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific
MARK McCANDLISH - UFOs or Experimental Terrestrial Craft - In the mid-1980's, Mark was approached by Lockheed to create some artwork for a second generation aircraft in a family of vehicles that later became know as the "Aurora", and over the course of the following twenty years, he became aware of a vast array of experimental aircraft and propulsion systems that defy reality to the present day. It became apparent from his discussions with friends working in the industry and people who worked on its periphery, that the United States (or some agency within the government) has had some manner of anti-gravity propulsion since the mid-to-late 1960's. In late 1988 Mark became aware of a specific program developed by Lockheed Skunkworks under the name of "Alien Reproduction Vehicle" or "ARV". A system also referred to as the "Fluxliner", culminating in the development of three different size vehicles: One which was about 24 feet in diameter, code-named "Baby Bear" a 60 foot version, code-named "Momma Bear", and a large craft between 124 and 130 feet in diameter, code-named "Poppa Bear". Each craft had the same general shape and proportions with the exception of its hatch and "synthetic vision system" which remained uniform through all sizes of the craft. It's propulsion was based upon the use of what has been called "Zero-Point Energy", and it was said to be capable of "light speed or better" according to one three star general making a presentation on the craft. Investigating this technology and the science behind it became a personal obsession of his, eventually to the detriment of my career. Mark later became a witness in The Disclosure Project of Dr. Stephen Greer, speaking along with 21 other witnesses before the press at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in May of 2001.

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific
ANN ELLER - UFOs - Dragon in the Sky Prophecy from the Stars - Eller, who worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the father of UFO?alien research, has a unique perspective on the UFO enigma. Her fascinating story revisits her days in the White House during the Clinton Administration, her work as a medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, and her exceptional encounters with other?worldly beings. Because of her work with Dr. Hynek. Ann offers unique insight into the inner workings of UFO studies and research, and she also shares her recollections of UFO information with which she became acquainted while serving as Dr. Hynek's personal secretary. An incredible contact experience in Laramie, Wyoming, left Ann with a message to tell the world. Ann clearly and powerfully articulates what mankind must do in the coming days to live consciously. In her book, Dragon in the Sky: Prophecy from the Stars, Ann challenges our assumptions about daily life, warns about what is on the very near horizon and stresses the need for dramatically improving the quality of our relationships to each other and to the Divine. Her wisdom is filled with inspiration, humor, and spiritual insight.

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific
BOBBY LEGEND - Afghanistan, Drugs, Royalty, Imposter, and the CIA - Bobby Legend became intimate with Afghanistan during a trip of a lifetime in the '70s. The former land of the bible was known then as a vacation and drug paradise. Americans, especially college students and hippies roamed the land freely. Kings ruled the rugged terrain and tribal people with an iron fist. But now all that has changed. Legend spent four years in Afghanistan and saw the revolutionary change coming, with Afghanistan morphing into a land of tribal rogues and terrorists. He now says it is the open "hiding pace' for Bin Laden and the Taliban. Nearly killed leaving Afghanistan and befriended by the reigning king's son, Legend has an insider's view of the Afghan sovereignty. Legend explains the culture and politics of one of the world's most remote and fascinating areas.

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific
CHRIS KIRBY - Canada Post Corporation Has A Spy Satellite! - According to Canada Post employee Chris Kirby, he is under suveillance of a Canada Post Corporation Spy Satellite that was sold to Canada Post by CSIS - the Canadian Security Intelligence Service - which uses his unique brain wave signature to keep tabs on him - for what exact reason... well - Chris could not say. According to Chris Kirby, and how we are still trying to figure out - it has something to do with the allegations that Kirby made on the show that three senior executtives of Canada Post are embezzling money off of Canada Post pay cheques and they have been doing this for th epast 10 years. Kirby claims that the information about his being under surveillance of the Canada Post Satellite comes from a former CIA agent - Anthony Jewells - who was personal security to Moya Greene, the President and CEO of Canada Post. Kirby has sent letters to the Metropolitan Toronto Police Chief Blair complaining about being under surveillance by this Canada Post satellite and according to Kirby, a detective has been assigned to the case. Very strange allegations friom a very strange guest. To view the email that Chris Kirby sent to the media and the Metro Police Chief visit - Kirby's website -

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