Psychics Missed Another World Changing Event - The Crisis in Egypt

At the beginning of December 2010, I had invited psychics to send me their predictions for 2011, which they ever so willingly did.

Below are the unedited predictions of one psychic who has been featured on radio and television shows throughout North America, including mine, The 'X' Zone Radio Show:


JANUARY 1, 2011

2011 begins on a positive note, although we will have a severe, long winter. One of the main concerns for 2011 will be the constant environmental changes. Fires, fires, and more fires begin in the spring months. Also, many will endure severe water problems, and California will seem like it is all but slipping into the ocean. The environment where there is much rainfall will bring in a new body fungus growing on people. This is from the constant moisture and contaminated, stagnant water.

The Mississippi River will flood as well as the Missouri River, and the land mass change will brings these two bodies of water together, as one river flow. It will seem as if the United States has been cut down the middle.

Expect another rainy spring and a hot, hot summer.

Last year I spoke about earthquakes in New England, focusing on the Vermont, New Hampshire, Canadian border, and the St. Lawrence River. This action began in late 2010, and continues into 2011. Expect more intense eruptions throughout 2011.

The economy seems to be coming back, and the housing market will see an upward swing for the first nine months of 2011, but changes come after September.

Because of these earth changes, as well as the political scene, there will be much political unrest in 2011, and we can expect city strikes, demonstrations, and public outbreaks. A new Army and armed forces will come into being. Soldiers in gray uniforms will cover the streets in the cities and countryside as well. These will not be all American soldiers, but international, perhaps springing out of the UN. This is the beginning of The New World Order and a police state, but will be disguised as an economic move because most of our soldiers are overseas.

Obama is embarrassed in early 2011, as he places people in office that have not been properly vetted or cleared. He will not run for office in 2012, even though many think he will at this time.

A woman is the focus of the news in January and February, perhaps extending into March. There are three possibilities, and they all may occur at this timing: 1) Lindsay Lohen may pass away because of her drug use. 2) Problems with Kate and William, although I do see the wedding coming off, there is disruption and disharmony beforehand. 3) Hillary Clinton tosses her pretty blond head and walks away from the Secretary of State position – very soon. Make no mistake—the Clintons are the ones who have the power here, not Obama. Hillary has to distance herself from this administration, as it beings to flap and fail, because she will run for President in 2012 and WIN. Also, the 2012 election will involve two women running against each other.

The United States will go to war with Iran sometime in 2011, perhaps in the fall months. All they need is the slightest provocation.

The public’s attention is being diverted from the real world problems. Terrorism is not the top problematic force here, but the activities of China and Russia. These two countries will ban together and will try, and perhaps succeed, in destroying our dollar and financial system. They are the true threat, and plan to make China’s dollar the strongest in the world by 2015.

Expect to see North Korea bomb China and Japan, and perhaps a few other Asian countries in 2011.

Some cities will be bombed soon, and they are not the one’s you’d expect. Seattle, Jacksonville, Fl., Atlanta, Albuquerque, and other areas where our nuclear and space research centers are located. These will be small, nuclear bombs, so begin to prepare.

Expect a food and water shortage: Prices will rise extensively for fruits and vegetables.

Gas an oil prices will rise and it may become prohibitive to travel over the summer months. The best way to travel will be Amtrak, and the country will decide it needs to improve its train services, much like Europe has.

Say good-by to the natural cotton fibre because pure cotton will cost more than cashmere, and be impossible to locate. We all will have synthetic fabrics forced on us.

The banks? Over 100 banks are in deep trouble as I write this. The ACORN group caused this problem, and people cannot pay back their mortgage debts. This continues, even though the job market will rally a bit in 2011.

Expect to see a large drop in the Stock Market between March and May of 2011.

2011 will be remembered as the Year of Pestilence, as a strange, large insect begins to attack humans because of the environmental changes. This insect will act like a mad wasp.

There will be disruptive weather across the world in 2011. Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

ARGENTINA – has found the cure for cancer and will be criticized for this. Also, Argentina has discovered a new colonization deep within the Amazon Jungles that cannot be easily reached, if at all. This colony of people seem to have some supernatural powers.

Some strange UFO sightings come out of Peru, and Peru may be the first country to acknowledge our Sister Galaxies and the reality of UFO’s.

An antibiotic being worked on could kill the scientists working on the project.

A high-altitude mountain crumbles without warning, could be in India or Tibet.

Parents can begin to plan the sex of their unborn child because of new genetics.

There will be a new focus on body building and physical fitness, especially those between 20 and 35, because of some new wars. People will be encouraged to work out, and eat some new, body building foods.

What’s positive? Better school systems with improved food, major healing discoveries in medicine, a longer life span, and a new colony on Mars, finding out if Mars can support life – all in 2011.

A deeper spiritual reality is desired, as people begin to plan their lives, focused on looking inside. Alternative medicine and healing techniques will be on the rise, accepted, and become more mainstream because they WORK! People become healthier and live longer.

However, not one of the psychic, some who claim to work with law enforcement, psychics to the stars, the rich and the famous, others who do telephone psychic readings giving the desperate members of society guidance in their daily life, love life and careers, predicted the crisis in Egypt which started on this week - January 25 2011.

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