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BOBBIE ATRISTAIN - Virginia Ghosts - Bobbie and her husband Rick reside in Nottoway County, VA. She is a researcher and writer for the print edition of Ghost! Magazine, The UK's Mystery Mag, T.A.P.S. Para Magazine and has even written article for FATE magazine. Her first book entitled Haunted Minds, Haunted People, was published in 2006. In early 2005 she was awarded an honorary certificate in Parapsychology from the Southeastern Institute of Parapsychology for her research into the paranormal. She is also a member of the International High I.Q. Society. She earns her keep as an Information Systems Applications Engineer for a local university. Bobbie's interest in the paranormal began at an early age which prompted her to read anything and everything related to the paranormal and the occult. She spent summers at her grandmother's home in Gretna, Virginia where lots of "unexplainable" events frequently occurred. These events only fueled her interest.

STEVEN A LACHANCE - Paranormal Investigator & Author - Steven LaChance (Missouri) is a radio host and producer who does a morning drive time radio show in Washington, Missouri. His story was featured on the Discovery Channel's A Haunting and in the Booth Brothers documentary The Possessed to be released in October 2008. His book The Uninvited: The True Story Of The Union Screaming House will be released on September 1, 2008 by Llwellyn Worlwide and is available for pre-order at Amazon. com. He also appears in Children of the Grave, another documentary by the Booth Brothers. Steven's experiences at the Union house inspired him to form the Missouri Paranormal Research, which he left in 2007 in order to help people privately in extreme haunting situations. He has successfully investigated and concluded many such cases. Steven speaks at paranormal conferences, and will be traveling across the United States with Haunted Survivor The Tour starting in January of 2009.

DR. SETH SHOSTAK - Senior Astronomer - SETI - Seth is an astronomer with a BA in physics from Princeton and a PhD in astronomy from Caltech, and is involved with the Institute's SETI research. But he's also responsible for much of the outreach activities of the Institute. He is science editor for "The Explorer", gives more than 50 talks annually for both academic and general audiences, and writes magazine articles (and books) about SETI. He also teaches informal education classes on astronomy and other topics in the Bay Area, and is the inventor of the electrical banana, a circumstance he claims has had little positive effect on his life. He is the host for the SETI Institute's weekly radio program Are We Alone? Before coming to SETI, Seth did research work on galaxies using radio telescopes at observatories and universities in America and Europe. His avocations include photography, filmmaking, and electronics. Seth has produced a series of lectures on tape and video on the subject of SETI. For more information visit the Teaching Company website.

DR WILLIAM SCHNEID - Abusive Relations. Why People Get Into Them and How People Can Get Out of Them - Dr. Schneid has been actively involved in the field of law enforcement for over 40 years. His assignments included Internal Affairs, Narcotics Task Force as well as patrol and investigative duties. He taught at the Rio Hondo Regional Police Academy on Officer Survival and Ethics. He has consulted with and been assigned to various federal agencies and task forces during the past 40 years. He has been routinely appointed by Los Angeles County Superior and Municipal Court judges as an expert in Alternative Sentencing and narcotics. He has lectured on prison reform and was instrumental on aiding in the movement of mentally ill inmates from the Los Angeles County Old Men's Central Jail to the new Twin Towers facility. He is regarded as a "professional seeker of truth" and holds no bias to either the defense nor the prosecution. He has been called upon by both "sides." He is the recipient of the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor and the Medal for Valor. He is a licensed private investigator in the State of California PI15860. He is certified by the State of California Peace Officer Standards and Training bureau through Supervisory Level. He received his Ph.D. in 1994 with dual majors of criminology and psychology graduating summa cum laude in his Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. He has testified in court as an expert in narcotics; the penal system and alternative sentencing and is credited with over 3,500 arrests during his career in law enforcement. He has testified, as an expert, in excess of 300 cases. The majority of cases have been criminal in nature. He is an authority on negligent hiring prevention and is an expert in profiling, threat assessment, risk analysis and terrorism. Tonight we will be talking about identity theft.

CHRISTOPHER BALZANO - Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads - Christopher Balzano is the founder and director of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads, an online collection of legends and ghost stories from Massachusetts and the surrounding states. He has been investigating the paranormal for more than ten years and has been writing about those experiences for the past five. He has been a contributor to Jeff Belanger's Encyclopedia of Haunted Places and Weird Massachusetts and was one of the writers behind Weird Hauntings. His writing has been featured in Haunted Times and Mystery Magazine and has been covered by the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, the Standard Times, and Worcester Magazine.

RANDALL SHELTON - What on earth is happening? - Millions are quietly asking: Why am I here? ~ What is my purpose? Who am I - really? This manual answers those questions and more! This book may be the most compelling revelation ever about Living on Planet Earth. This book is about You and your present planet home. o Despite the probability of scores of lifetimes on this planet - you're still here. The reason: the real story has been subtly withheld … … until now. o This manual spells out the one secret that assures you of a victorious effort - - - Winning The Game. o This intriguing read is supplemented with soul-lifting illustrations. Life on this planet is far more than it appears. "As a writer, Randall's style is uniquely his own. One of the finest and, perhaps, most credible qualities he has as a writer is that of integrity. He is totally honest in what he shares. He studies, he researches, he explores, and trusts that highest part of himself. And from that inner sanctuary, from out of the quietness of his being, Randall shares what he has been given him."- Sandra (Radhoff) Lund, author of The Kyrian Letters

BILL KNELL - The UFO Guy - Bill Knell grew up on Long Island in the 1960s, just outside of the New York City Metropolitan Area. While hanging around the local Firehouse, he heard Volunteer Firemen, Nassau County Police and EMTs talk about seeing unidentified objects in the sky and experiencing other strange phenomenon. As the son of an Air Force Officer, Bill was fascinated to hear his father talk about the Foo Fighters (unexplained objects seen by Allied Pilots during WWII) and how General Macarthur ordered of a study of them. That study became a 10,000 word report that still remains classified to this day. His father's friends often told stories of encounters with UFOs whenever they discussed that report or the Foo Fighters. Many were experienced military and commercial pilots. While most UFO Witnesses are untrained observers misreporting ordinary objects in the sky, the people that Bill heard talk about encounters with UFOs were not. That left a big impression on him.

TRAVIS VERGE - Walking In Shadows: A Book which distinguishes between God's truth and Satan's deceptions - After being called to ministry at 18 years old, he has had numerous experiences with those in Devil Worship and the Satanic Occult which have confirmed his belief in the power of God, as well as the deceptions of Satan. His training was in Lubbock, Texas starting with the Adventures In Missions (AIM) program. That is where he met Teresa and a year later he was married (October 12, 1996). He would later continue sharpening himself by attending a two year preaching school called Sunset International Bible Institute. After graduating with a 4.0 GPA, Travis got his Bachelor's degree in biblical studies and his Master's Degree in Christian counseling. He saw the great need in working with young people and in June 1999 he received the youth ministry position at Metro Church in Winter Springs, Florida, the very church he attended while he was a teenager. He has been there ever since, making a difference in hundreds of teenager's lives. Since taking the youth minister's position, he and his wife have had two twin "daddy's" boys who are now four years old. Now he and his wife are taking the responsibility of raising their boys in Christ, seriously.


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