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DR. MICHAEL CASTLE - Chemtrails - Dr. R. Michael (Mike) Castle, Active in Chemtrails Research since 2000, President/CEO, Castle Concepts, Inc. Environmental Consulting and Engineering Firm located in Ohio. "Mike" is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor, Conducts Environmental Phased Assessments Due Diligence for National Lending Institutions, Industry and Environmental Organizations, including Sub-surface Investigation, Geologic Interpretation, Core Drilling/Soil Water Matrix Sample Analyses, US EPA Testing Protocol's Specification's, Analytical Interpretation and preparation of Reports - and much more! He is a practicing Industrial Polymer Chemist with US Patents in Coatings and Adhesives.

DR RICHARD HAMMOND - The Unknown Universe - Winning awards from NASA for his research and teaching, and international acclaim for his research on gravity, Richard Hammond, Ph.D., turns our view of the cosmos upside down in his new title, The Unknown Universe: The Origin of the Universe, Quantum Gravity, Wormholes, and Other Things Science Still Can't Explain.

RICKY ROEHR - The Raelian Movement - "We're beginning to feel the credit crunch here in the US" said Ricky Roehr, leader of the Raelian Movement for North America. "This financial collapse was announced by Rael more than 30 years ago now, as inevitable but fortunately, our extraterrestrial creators, the Elohim, who gave Rael this information, also explained how to combat financial storms and other potential global disasters." Rael is the leader and founder of the worldwide Raelian Movement of some 65,000 members in nearly 90 countries. He says humanity's current difficulties are worsening and will be solved only through planetary solutions. "The only solution to the world's enormous problems is a world government and a world currency," Rael said in a recent speech. "There is no other way out." He said the only effective solution lies in eliminating national currencies and nation states in favor of a money-less society governed by a World College of Geniuses.

MARCIA MCMAHON - Channels Princess Diana, John Lennon and Jesus - Marcia is a gifted intuitive channel for Diana and Mother Teresa, as well as having served professionally as an art teacher for almost 25 years. Marcia is listed in Who's Who in America (2003, 2004) and also Who's Who in the World (2004) for her professional accomplishments including her lovely watercolors of Princess Diana. Marcia's work with Diana is having an impact on the peace process for Israel and Palestine, amongst those diplomats who knew Diana in life! Her work as a confirmed channel for Princess Diana is corroborated from many famous psychics, and she is developing an international presence on behalf of Princess Diana's intervention in world affairs.

CHRISTINE NIGHTINGALE - Angels - Christine Nightingale, B.A.,R.M.,C.R.A. Intuitive healing at a Body/soul/spirit level, Past life Regression hypnosis, insights into soul mates, life task, recurring issues in health and relationships, Reiki energy healing for physical and emotional pain and counseling for adults and children.

DITA WEGMAN - Nostradamus's Dream Book - Dita is a long-time searcher of the Truth who has diligently studied and experienced Nostradamus' knowledge concerning the power of the stars, came into the possession of the prophet's only dream book in a mysterious manner. This edition of Nostradamus' Dream Book (1928) was the last one in existence. Dita spent many decades, not only studying the tools Nostradamus revealed to predict individual's futures, but consistently, throughout her lifetime, has experienced their truthfulness. According to Nostradamus (and modern Science), radiation holds the Universe together and causes every object to radiate in its own characteristic way. Our established Zodiac is proof, confirming that each individual born under one of the 12 astrological signs reflects certain characteristics radiating from the planets that conform to each sign of the zodiac.

BRIAN DAVID ANDERSEN - Earth Changes and The New World Order - Each Tuesday night at this time, Brian joins The 'X' Zone to bring us up to date on the changes that are occurring around the world, the possible connection between Earth Quakes, Volcanoes and the Moon…. is there something more sinister at work? Brian has been tracking and observing the times, dates, locations and magnitudes with the lunar cycles. Brian takes an object look into earth changes and the myths behind the 2012 predictions. As an accomplished author of the JFK Assassination, Brian also answers questions that have never been before asked of the most famous of Presidential assassinations - questions that the Warren Commission and Federal Investigators "Forget".

JOHN JAY HARPER - The Stories Behind Planet-X and Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly - Every 11 years or so, the sun gets a little pissy. It breaks out in a rash of planet-sized sunspots that spew superhot gas, hurling clouds of electrons, protons, and heavier ions toward Earth at nearly the speed of light. These solar windstorms have been known to knock out power grids and TV broadcasts, and our growing reliance on space-based technology makes us more vulnerable than ever to their effects. On January 3, scientists discovered a reverse-polarity sunspot, signaling the start of a new cycle - and some are predicting that at its peak (in about four years) things are gonna get nasty. Here's a forecast for 2012. Detours - Clumps of ions in the atmosphere could interfere with GPS. Satellite signals are slowed by bumping into particles, meaning your trusty navigator may lose its way. Remember those colorful paper things called maps? Falling Satellites - Increased solar energy heats Earth's atmosphere, causing it to expand. That's a drag on low-flying satellites and can even knock them out of orbit. A solar storm in 1979 deposited Skylab on Australia. - Layovers in Alaska - Particles are drawn to Earth's magnetic poles, right through popular flight paths. Electrons absorb the energy in shortwave signals, causing radio blackouts - and unscheduled stops in Anchorage. - Light Shows - Auroras occur when waves of charged particles light up gases in the upper atmosphere. As more particles stream in, the so-called aurora oval grows, bringing the "northern lights" as far south as Key West


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