Fact or Fiction?: Shocking alien footage from Australia stuns UFO hunters


A teenager from Bilambil Heights in far north NSW, Australia has managed to film what might well be an alien observing him from his backyard (See video below). The extraordinary footage, shot at night, shows a clear outline of a typical 'grey' alien moving and bobbing up and down behind tall grass. The footage is believed to have been filmed around eight weeks ago.

The witness who was playing with his cat when the incident occurred is clearly shocked and viewers should be warned that the video below does contain course language.

UFO enthusiasts who have seen the video are split between declaring it highly convincing or a really good fake.

UFO sightings are common in the vicinity Bilambil Heights and just last week a witness claimed to have seen three UFOs hovering over her house in nearby Tweed Heads.
Warning: The video contains course language.

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